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PowerToFly supports a fully remote team and core coverage with country specific benefits. This may include health care, a retirement savings plan, parental and adoption leave and perks such as self-directed budgets to support learning and growth. We also offer unlimited personal time off and mentorship opportunities.

Senior Frontend Engineer

PowerToFly, the leading platform connecting top diverse talent with companies committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, is looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer to join our globally distributed team. We are searching for someone who’s passionate about making the world a better and more equitable place–and psyched about developing interfaces for Web and Mobile devices!

PowerToFly is a platform built on web stack and modern technologies like TypeScript, React, and NextJS. The backend is non-JS.

As our ideal candidate, you love programming and UI. You enjoy developing pretty and functional interfaces and want to improve them over time. You’ll be dedicated to the performance, cross-platform, etc. side of things, and will appreciate being part of our caring, supportive team.

Minimum Required Skills

  • Frontend Development: 5+ years of experience
  • React: 2+ years of experience
  • Static Types: some experience with non-dynamic language(s)
  • Functional Programming: some experience, awareness of the paradigm

*We will ask you to provide a portfolio where you will give examples of the problems you’ve encountered and solved in the past.

Desired Skills

  • Frontend Development: 5+ years of experience
  • TypeScript: 1+ year(s) of experience
  • NextJS: optional yet highly valuable skill to have under your belt
  • NodeJS: optional yet also highly desired
  • CSS-in-JS: experience with any library like Matherial UI, Styled Components, Styled-JSX
  • Design: understanding of basic principles
  • UI/UX: knowledge of core principles

Some of the project's technologies may require some time to learn. (Major bonus points if you already know them!)

Bonus Skills

  • Ram(b)da
  • Lodash-FP
  • React-Query
  • Styled-JSX
  • Zod
Equal Opportunity Statement

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) are the cornerstone of everything we do at PowerToFly. Together, we build a culture of belonging that guides our mission, values, services, products, employees, clients, and community. This active and intentional foundation fuels our innovation, and impact to advance economic equality in underrepresented communities. We are a global team committed to mitigating bias and lifting barriers in our recruitment and hiring processes.

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Senior Frontend Engineer