Staff Machine Learning Tech Lead, Manager

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At Flatiron, we use real-world oncology data to improve care and accelerate research. Our machine learning teams expand the scope of what we can achieve with our unique data. We build ML-enabled capabilities, platforms, and products that directly impact Flatiron’s mission of learning from every cancer patient.

What You’ll Do

You’ll lead a team that solves challenging ML and NLP problems using data from millions of patients and hundreds of millions of documents to enable novel research on the impact of cancer treatments in the real world, to identify rare patient populations, to create new tools for measuring the quality of care, and to improve the process for matching patients to clinical trials. You’ll:

  • Guide machine learning projects from conception to research, development, and production deployment
  • Provide technical leadership on feature engineering, statistical analysis, developing novel ML techniques, understanding classifier performance, ensuring fit-for-purpose, and architecting systems
  • Identify opportunities for impact, set the direction for the team, and coach engineers and data scientists to achieve the team’s goals
  • Set a high technical bar and provide detailed feedback on machine learning approaches and system architecture
  • Unblock your reports, hold them accountable, provide them with feedback, and support their career development
  • Work cross-functionally across diverse stakeholders, including product managers, statisticians, EHR data specialists, and oncologists

You’ll have the opportunity to lead a growing machine learning team having measurable impact in healthcare, get mentorship from senior technical and clinical leaders, and participate in the broader ML-healthcare community through external speaking and publication opportunities.

Who You Are

You're excited by the prospect of rolling up your sleeves and using technology to tackle meaningful problems every day. You’re a kind, passionate, and collaborative problem-solver who seeks and gives honest feedback and values the chance to improve the lives of cancer patients. You:

  • Hold a BS, MS, or PhD in computer science or a related field
  • Have 3+ years experience building production-facing ML systems
  • Have 3+ years experience in people management
  • Have a proven track record of using data-driven approaches to creatively solve product problems
  • Are enthusiastic about enabling your team and helping to develop careers
  • Can provide detailed technical feedback on both software engineering and data science
  • Have outstanding communication skills, are great at working cross-functionally, and are always focused on the impact of your work

Bonus points if you:

  • Hold a PhD in computer science or a related field
  • Have experience in natural language processing
  • Have experience working with clinical data
  • Have published academic research in machine learning

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Staff Machine Learning Tech Lead, Manager
Flatiron Health, Inc.