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 Job Title: Sr Software Engineer

About Netskope: 

Netskope is the cloud app analytics and policy company. We help people safely use their favorite cloud apps so the business can move fast, with confidence. With a technical team of founding architects and engineers from leading networking and software companies including Juniper, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, VMWare and McAfee, the company is gaining customers rapidly. With a tremendous market opportunity in front of us, we are poised to deliver a market-changing product at cloud scale that our customers will love.


Position Summary: 

We are looking for a Senior SW Engineer to join our team of experts to build applications related to customer insight in an agile, fast-paced engineering team. You will be well suited to this role if you are driven by high quality, high-velocity software delivery challenges and using innovative and cutting-edge solutions to achieve these goals.

 The functions to be undertaken in this position are as follows:

  • 75% Coding, debugging and Unit testing - you test your code thoroughly and automate it
  • 10% Innovate - explore, research, prototype new ideas that help propel the team goals
  • 15% work with Product Managers and Architects to take requirements and turn them into engineering tasks

In this role, you will be responsible for building applications that provide insight and intelligence about the customer usage of Netskope’s products and features. You will also be responsible for building reference architectures and prototyping reference implementations in the context of customer intelligence. Strong understanding of metrics, telemetry and user analytics is required. You should have good Python and Web 2.0 (UI or backend) development experience and should be able to understand the principles of DevOps and CI/CD. Good understanding of container technology and experience working with Docker and Kubernetes is an additional plus.

 What's in it for you:

  • You will part of a growing team in the exciting space of Cloud Security
  • You will be able to see the direct benefits of your contributions
  • We work with the best and modern technologies so you will be able to keep your skill set up to date
  • You will have the ability to make a noticeable difference for the organization and our customers
  • Complex yet interesting challenges to improve the depth and breadth of your technical and business skills.
  • It’s not your tenure but what you can bring to the table that defines how your career will be shaped.

Skills and experience: 

  • 10 years+ experience with building web/cloud scale applications using modern Web 2.0 technologies
  • Demonstrated Python/JavaScript experience, preferably with 3+ years experience in these areas
  • Experience with one or more database technologies such as MongoDB, MySQL or Postgres is critical
  • Experience with frameworks such as NodeJS, Angular or Bootstrap and other modern UI/Backend technologies will be a big advantage
  • Solid understanding of Virtualization and Container technologies is a must and experience in working with Docker and Kubernetes is required
  • Strong knowledge of automating systems and deployments using tools such as Jenkins, Git, Jira, and Ansible.
  • Strong understanding of static code analysis, unit testing, and test driven development, security testing, automated test frameworks
  • Expert level understanding of Linux/Ubuntu is a must
  • Proven track record of delivering high quality and consistent systems and environments for development teams
  • Ability to multi-task; working on multiple project teams and wearing multiple hats is very common at Netskope
  • Strong written, verbal and presentation skills are important in our fast-paced environment

 We are looking for someone with the following qualities:

  • Technical Skills: Love for technology. You have to be inherently passionate about technology
  • Drive: Self motivated engineer with intellectual curiosity and a strong go-getter attitude. Passion and energy to implement quality technical solutions.
  • Communication: Superior communication skills. Ability to clearly articulate problems, solutions, risks, rewards etc. (written and verbal)
  • Analytical: Able to see gaps and areas of improvement in process as well as technologies, providing recommendations and taking the initiative to fix issues are qualities we love to see in our teams.
Educational Qualifications
BE/B.Tech/M.Tech /Masters Degree from recognised and accredited Top universities / Colleges only


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Staff Engineer- Productivity