Level up Your Career Through Mentorship

Navigating your career isn’t easy— but you don’t have to do it alone!
For professionals that identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, or part of any underrepresented groups in their industries, finding a mentor who understands their unique career challenges can be challenging— but we’re here to help!

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The PowerToFly mentorship program matches you with a mentor that will help you reach your personal and professional goals with support, valuable insight, and tailored career guidance from someone with a similar background who is a few steps ahead on their journey.


of mentees strongly agree the sessions are supportive, helpful, empowering and provide great input.


of mentees strongly agree that the PowerToFly Mentorship program is a valuable experience.


of mentees agree mentorship has accelerated their career growth.

What a Mentor Can Do For You

Identify and elevate your leadership skills

Set and reach goals to maximize company-wide impact

Learn how to become a subject matter expert

Develop your professional brand

Identify opportunities to strengthen your skillset

Get guidance on your career challenges

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

We’re excited to help companies improve how they hire, retain, and promote underrepresented talent. We create customized frameworks for success and relay feedback early and often. Watch this video to learn more!

How it Works

  • Share your goals, needs, and what you’re looking for in a mentor.
  • Receive mentorship match suggestions through our platform based on your unique goals and needs.
  • Customize a growth plan with your mentor.
  • Track your progress and growth through frequent meetings and check-ins.
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Meet Our Mentors

Adriana Crawford

Diversity, equity, and inclusion Changemaker. Lifelong coach. Servant leader.

Afshana Diya

CMO | Growth Strategist | Global Community Deputy

Alana Smith

Building impactful products in Multimedia & Video, Product @ LinkedIn

Amy Wang

Senior Director, Cisco SaaS Commerce Transformation

Anna Bella

Director, Brand Operations at HelloFresh | Creative Operations | People + Culture | Project Management | Mentor | Spiritual Advi

Archi Mitra

Director of Data Science @ BuzzFeed | Ethical AI

Avishag Daniely

Head of Product Management | Product Marketing | Public Speaker | Cyber & ML

Becca Gronau

Technologist at Heart | Leader by Nature

Bridget O'Neill

VP of Talent Acquisition and Public Speaker

Chinar Dingankar

Technical Manager, Infrastructure and network Engineering

Cindy Quendangen

Director of Engineering (ALEX Platform) at Jellyvision

Colleen Arturi

Storytelling expert | Personal brand strategist | Writer at ❤️

Constanza Verón

Contadora Pública, Procesos, Coach individual y de equipos ICC

Crystal Howard

Mid-Market Account Representative- Acute Healthcare

Dawn Kolb

I am a global leader who solves complex business challenges.

Diana Toscas

Engineering Leader in Search, Reporting & Insights

Diane Fornasier

Consumer Technology Exec Interested in Helping Others Achieve Their Career Goals

Dianne Frommelt

Vice President, Product Management at 15Five

Dorit Oren Israeli

Product Marketing Director at monday.com

Dr. Anitha Ramanna

Head, Programs | Educator | Researcher | Mentor

Esther Pinto

Head of Information Security at anecdotes

Hannah Niebla

Product Designer / Design Mentor

Iulia Ivan

Entrepreneur | Compassionate Leadership | Business Developer

Janina R.

Engineering Manager - Innovative Architect - Analytical - Visionary

Jossie Haines

Sr Platform Engineering Director and Diversity & Inclusion Lead at Tile

Judy Chen

Product Management, Data Science and General Management expertise

Karin Genton-L'Epée

Executive & Leadership Coach & Mentor

Kathy Eastwood

Living my Mission: Inspiring and Enabling Leaders

Katia Suchkova

Product Leadership | Coaching | People Leadership

Kelly Kaplan

Senior Director of Engineering, Freenome

Laura Coronado

Marketing Strategist Interested in Mentoring Others

Limor Bergman

Director of Engineering | People Leadership | Mentor

Lizhi Dong

What can I help with?

Madalina Tanasie

Technology Executive

Marisa Sires

VP, Innovation and Digital Growth @Hana

Mavis Franco

Engineering Manager

Michelle Rivera

VP, Digital Product & Project Management

Navya Rehani Gupta

Chief Product Officer

Nekpen Osuan Wilson

Head of CX Strategy, Gusto

Neysa King

Writer + CEO @ Think in Ink

Noelle Johnson

Diversity and Inclusion Strategist| Leadership Training | ERG Development

Preethi Narayanan

Sr. Director, SW Engineering at Roku Inc.

Raya Belinsky

Companies hire Communication and Leadership Coach to empower their managers, develop new level of communication, discover confli

Reut Golan

VP Product

Ronit Bohrer Hillel

Seasoned engineering leader focused on coaching groups and individuals to excel.

Sabeen Syed

Engineering Manager @ HashiCorp

Sarah Merlin

Product | Design Leader and Innovator

Saylee Joshi

How can I help?

Selvi Chennai

Principal Group Engineering Manager - AI

Shannon Romano

VP Engineering at Flowplay

Sharon Gadonniex

Senior leader passionate about engineering excellence and developing people.

Shira Gershoni

Senior Director of Product (SaaS, eCommerce, iGaming)

Shruti Venkatesh

Engineering Manager at Capsule

Shweta Saraf

VP of Central Engineering, Packet, An Equinix Company

Subuhi Khan

Quantitative social science researcher

Susan Dikramanjian

Assistant Vice President, Engineering John Hancock / Manulife

Susann Fischer

Co-Founder Kollektiv MFG , 11 years experience in Digital Marketing

Swapna Savant

Engineering Leader

Tammy Mair

Senior Client Executive at Origami Risk

Tanu Aggarwal

Director of Engineering, AWS Interactive Service & Twitch Video


Vaishnavi Ravindran

Director | RegTech| Product Engineering| People Leadership

Wendy-Lynn McClean

Founder, intrico.io | Product Management Executive | Talent Mentor & Coach | Previously: Product@ Google, Amazon and Yelp

Yael Gutman

Director of Product | People Leadership | Mentor

Yang Wang

Engineering Manager at Bond (bond.tech)

Yelena Drabkin

Chief Product Officer/Leadership/Women development /Startups

What Mentees Have To Say

Amanda Henderson

Customer Experience - Project Management

It has been amazing for me because I feel supported in my growth.

Cindy Lam

Programmer L1 at RevSpring

I have been able to make a better vision, goals, as well as manage my workload to lower my daily stress levels. I feel more confident in the workspace and now know the boundary between work and life that I feel more comfortable to be in.

Kelly Irish

Head of Product at Mindbody

PowertoFly’s mentorship program helps you have someone who is a champion for you outside the org, someone who can give you perspective on what you want out of your career.

Emily Hoang

Problem solver - Metadata.io

I feel more empowered than ever to challenge myself and make better progress with for my teams.

Michelle Neuringer

Director of Product - Mindbody

Neysa helped me find my voice. She gave me the courage to devise a new strategy for my company, and the accountability it required to share it with our executive team.


DevOps Engineer

Since starting my mentorship, I was promoted to a leadership position, have organized and presented my ideas to my manager and the teach team at large. I know I would have not gotten the personalized attention and guidance I’ve gotten from my mentorship through any other platform.

Marcia Lima

This experience was essential to making a smooth transition from a purely technical role into a people management role in a male dominated environment. My mentor helped me every step of the way from self doubt to celebrating wins, negotiating and leading.

Learn how we can help reach your goals

Countless studies show that mentoring builds leaders, especially during crisis

Whether you are looking for a mentor, searching for a mentee, or hoping to launch a mentorship program at your company, we’ve got everything you need to get started.

I would like to become a mentor. How do I get started?

Apply on our website. We will review your application and get back to you ASAP.

Our mentors come from a variety of fields/industries, but the majority of our mentors have backgrounds in engineering management and years of experience leading technical teams. To learn more, you can see our full list of mentors here.

Relationships are built over time, so our program takes place over six months, with the option for mentors and mentees to continue the relationship after the initial commitment. We are committed to fostering trust between the mentee and mentor by emphasizing confidentiality and productivity — mentees need to feel safe sharing concerns with their mentors, but it is also important that they are transparent with their mentor about what they hope to achieve, setting and tracking goals, and assigning and monitoring action items.

We survey our mentees on their background, experience level, and goals for mentorship. All of our mentors complete a thorough skills assessment. Leveraging this information and personal interviews, we tailor matches to suit each mentee’s specific needs.

While it is certainly advantageous to have a contact within one’s organization who can serve as an advocate and answer company-specific questions, one of the main benefits of seeking mentorship from a third-party is the sense of trust it fosters. Mentees can openly share challenges they face with the knowledge that they will remain confidential and that the mentor will not be swayed by office politics. Furthermore, receiving advice from an unbiased party can help provide a fresh perspective and creative solutions.

We believe in goal-oriented mentorship that has very specific goals and a concrete timeline. A key component of this is active mentorship, meaning that action items are assigned regularly and followed up on by the mentor. The goals are typically very specific to the individual being mentored. We also do regular check-ins to assess mentor and mentee satisfaction. We work with clients and mentees on a case-by-case basis to set goals and share progress updates, without violating mentor-mentee confidentiality.

Mentors commit to meeting with mentees every two weeks, as well as to assigning and following up on action items.

The practice of guiding and advising a protégé has long been proven to work to increase promotions and career satisfaction and decrease turnover in the mentee pool. And it’s what underrepresented groups want, too: our What Diverse Talent Wants report found that 73% of individuals surveyed wanted their companies to offer more professional development opportunities.

Mentorship is one of the most cost-effective ways you can invest in training and promoting diverse talent. You probably already know who the rising stars at the junior levels of your organization are — you just need to set them up with someone more senior who can help them navigate the transition to a leadership role.

Our mentorship program is for anyone who wants to grow in their career. Our focus right now is in tech leadership, but we will expand to other areas as well. In order for the mentorship to be successful, mentees should know what their career goals are for the next 6-12 months, and what gaps they have. To be successful, we need mentees to be committed to meeting with their mentors for at least six months, as well as to regularly completing assigned action items.

While our tailored mentor-mentee match process ensures the majority of pairs are successful, we are equipped to make adjustments should issues arise. If we notice low ratings from either mentor or mentee, we will talk with each of them to understand what the challenges are. In cases where the match is not yielding results, we will match the mentee with a different mentor.

First and foremost, we provide value by matching mentees with the right mentor for them. Once we’ve found a good match for the mentee, our role is to facilitate the relationship between mentor and mentee so that all they have to do is focus on their goals — not on logistics. We make sure mentors and mentees are meeting regularly, defining clear goals, and working towards them. We track mentors and mentees’ ratings of sessions and review mentees’ progress every quarter.

Our mission is to help underrepresented professionals advance and make big career moves. The mentorship program is for anyone who wants to take the next level in their career.

Your mentor can help you boost your career to the next level by giving you the support you need, challenging you, and giving you the correct advice based on their experience.

Our mentorship program is here to support you—within your current workplace or somewhere new. Upskill by joining our mentorship program today!

In most cases, It will be either the People Team, HR, or Talent Development. Depending on your situation, you may also want to reach out to your direct manager, relevant ERG leader, or D&I executive.

The program costs $250/month/mentee. Because mentor-mentee relationships take time to develop, there is a minimum commitment of 6 months.