Archi Mitra
Director of Data Science @ BuzzFeed | Ethical AI
Location: United States | Time zone: Americas

As a ML Manager, I am deeply excited by the impact deep learning and computing power will have in the next generation of innovation that assist and better humans. The fundamental medium of conversation is changing. We are finding out images, videos and voice give us more expressive(read predictive) power than text and clicks ever could. A bespoke multi-modal approach is no longer the bleeding edge tech but the simple intelligence demanded by internet users of products in 2020.

With a background in designing unbiased(fair) ML systems, I like to build and design ML/DL systems that have humans at its core. The learning opportunity while building ML platforms at the intersection of deep learning, engineering and recommendation systems is what keeps me motivated. Huge fan of defining a baseline, shipping fast, failing fast and incremental improvements, I love driving end to end projects from scoping product goals to rapid prototyping and from designing neural networks to deploying them as real-time systems.

I have been leading teams in delivering ML projects working simultaneously as a ML lead to product, as a hands-on researcher and as a system design consultant. I absolutely enjoy going back and forth between these roles. While designing ML frameworks is fun, I love the human element of coaching and guiding people to find work that challenges them, motivates them and above all keeps them coming back for more.

Work Experience
ML Manager at Wayfair
Aug 2017 - Current date