Cindy Quendangen
Director of Engineering (ALEX Platform) at Jellyvision
Location: United States | Time zone: Americas

I am an Engineering leader with 15 years of experience in different aspects of software development. I love being presented with complex problems both in tech and organization, and always seek to apply scientific methods to solve these problems collaboratively across departments.

My specialties include organizational design, building strong DevOps culture in application teams, scaling teams, vision alignment, navigating organizational politics, and building strong culture.

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Work Experience
Director of Engineering (ALEX Platform) at Jellyvision
Oct 2018 - Current date

• Served as an engineering leader of ALEX Platform development, Jellyvision’s revenue-generating products with over $60M revenue. Directed around 25 personnel divided into 4 teams who are responsible of various Ruby and JavaScript-based components.
• Executed the transformation of application engineering organization into product-focused teams with clear roadmap alignment with business priorities. Significantly improved our ability to deliver features by implementing consistent planning mechanism via story mapping, regular Demo cadence and biweekly progress review among managers.
• Advocated DevOps culture in application engineering, through the Gold Star applications initiative which requirements were driven by a combination of Accelerate metrics and twelve-factor app model.
• Directly involved in the development of strategic architecture roadmap to achieve company goal of 25% ALEX Platform profitability in 2 years.

Senior Engineering Manager at Relativity
Feb 2015 - Oct 2018

• Lead 3 feature Platform teams responsible of feature development and maintenance of Relativity’s core .NET code, along with 2 product managers and a project manager.
• Fixed a tricky area in the organization. By implementing solid development process, strategic resourcing plan and clear vision, I’ve doubled the size of the vertical into 17 personnel, established product roadmap that’s aligned with the company’s business strategy, and improved overall morale score.
• Delivered and managed the operation of Central Identity Server microservice that authenticate and authorize all transactions in Relativity SaaS product.
• Was instrumental in the engineering-wide effort to decouple the Core monolith which enabled independent service testability and reduced Platform’s support load by 40%.
• Recognized as a high performer and selected to participate in Relativity’s Women Executive coaching group.
• Successfully advocated a new SVM-based natural language processing Analytics engine and lead both the architecture discussion and resource planning around the project.
• Executed a cross cutting initiative to revamp Relativity’s front-end using AngularJS and established effective working relationship with overseas contractor teams

Software Engineering Experience at Relativity and Trading Technologies
Jan 2006 - Feb 2015

• Led the Relativity upgrade refactor project to run multiple workspace upgrades in parallel, resulting in the reduction of overall upgrade time from 1 whole weekend to 4 hours. This project was one of the key pieces for Relativity’s migration to Azure.
• Participated in a 6 months rotation in Core support team, tackling critical software problems in different aspects of the e-discovery software.
• Developed a multithreaded C++-based trading application that provides secure and fast connectivity to send trade orders using FIX protocols. Redesigned the common application middleware into a state machine to improve reliability for 8 different applications.
• Led a team of 5 in the development of Python-based automated test to increase the efficiency of the order management testing cycle of the software.