Raya Belinsky
Facilitator of Feminine and Masculine Balance program at Self-employed
Location: Israel | Time zone: Europe/Africa


My specialties include: communication and leadership coach. I am working with individuals, teams and groups. Facilitator of "Feminine and Masculine Energy Balance" program.

About Me:

My name is Raya, since 2008 till 2018 I had been performing in two positions, first - Data Scientist, Team Manager, Data Analyst, Project Manager, and second - Communication and Leadership Coach. In December 2018 I decided to choose 100% and go with my heart to be full time Communication and Leadership Coach. I help companies create motivation, solve conflicts, create culture and develop soft skills of listening and communicating.

One year ago I developed my own "Feminine and Masculine Energy Balance" program. 10 meeting, once a week, 2 hours, 3 transformational practices. Using art-therapy, coaching questions and group safe space we train how to develop our ability to be feminine, innovative, emotional, collaborative, vulnerable and not dominant, strong, independent and brave.

Women are the source. Women are the source of energy. We should find our inner core power of balance and joy. We are not man, and will never become to be. We have our nature and our power. Together with man we can accomplish, solve and fulfil everything.

Work Experience
Facilitator of Feminine and Masculine Balance program at Self-employed
Jan 2021 - Current date

Masculine energy is created by being Dominant, Strong, Independent, Assertive and Brave.
Feminine energy is created by being Innovative, Emotional, Collaborative, Vulnerable and Caring.
How to choose your Feminine energy every day in every situation? How to create your inner balance?
Outcomes of the program:
Be present to your femininity. Start to enjoy your femininity.
Be present to the silence and power of your femininity.
Create new relationships with money and power.
People around you would ask to work with you, because of your easy way to create innovative solutions and cooperation.

Sep 2020 - Current date

Career Counseling and Coaching for professionals and individuals experiencing a career transition and
looking to improve their job fit, job performance, and develop their career path. Leading career coaching
processes and workshops
● Career Orientation
● Goal and Milestone Setting
● CV Writing / Cover Letter Writing English / LinkedIn account optimization.
● Interview Practice.

May 2018 - Feb 2020

● Build capabilities for leading global, high-performing teams across job functions.
● Apply knowledge through an intensive business strategy simulation that challenges conventional business
wisdom and builds leadership skills in communication.
● Ensure the successful transfer of new skills into your professional life.● Train you to coach your team members to higher performance and grow the motivation.

PERFORMANCE COACH at Landmark education
Feb 2017 - May 2019

Working with two teams, consisting of 5-10 members to break down the psychological barriers to change
while supporting teams in their thinking and learnings throughout this iterative cycle of experimentation and
implementation. Throughout the 14 week cycle I was responsible for providing individual and team
coaching, as well as offering real-time, practical professional development grounded in quantitative and
qualitative analysis.

Feb 2009 - Dec 2018

● Building LTV(CLV) model, profit acquisition model, prediction models, marketing - revenue model,
customer churn model.
● Lead, manage and mentor a team in developing Personal Loans Site in USA/Europe.
● Managing team developing LTV (LifeTime Value) automatization.
● Responsible and managing all A/B tests running and analyzing in the company.
● Created automatic daily KPI's reports for managers. Delivered in the flexible schedule.
● Responsable for new big data platform emplimitation. Responsible for all tables and reports specification.
Design, build, launch and support new reports and dashboards.
● Working with Product, Marketing and R&D teams to reach actionable recommendations and decisions.