Our Pledge

Welcome. You’re in the right place if you’re focused on improving gender diversity and inclusion at your company. We’re here to partner with you and that starts with showing you a set of values – derived from conversations with women on our platform – that we ask all PowerToFly member companies on the platform to recognize before signing up.
Here they are in no special order:
Your commitment to diversity and inclusion is front and center (and will be posted on your PowerToFly company page).
Your employees are valued for their work and not the amount of time they spend in an office chair.
Equal pay for equal work is consistent throughout your organization.
Work-life integration is valued, lauded and discussed often in the spirit of improving it.
You recognize that almost all of your employees are or will be, caregivers at points in their lives and you have programs to support them when that happens.
You invest in the whole person, including the periods they need to adjust their work style while continuing to make the company successful.
You amplify underrepresented voices every day, and especially, in meetings, during reviews, and through promotions.
You understand how individual growth is key for overall growth and it requires mentorship, training, and networking opportunities.
You make it clear from day one that any discriminatory behavior is not only unacceptable but a fireable offense.