Q&A Guidelines

This is a PowerToFly community of women, non-binary people and allies, looking to give and receive legitimate career advice. The goal of this Q&A is to support one another - to lift while we climb.

Above all, we expect you to treat others the way you’d want to be treated. Negativity and abuse will not be tolerated, and could result in your contributions being deleted or removal from the community.

To keep this content useful and relevant, our global team has created a set of values that we follow during our workday and we ask that when participating in the PowerToFly Community, you adhere the same values.

Members First: Our members are elevated first and your questions are important. Whether it’s answered live, or post chat, our goal is to always provide you with the best career advice possible.

Vulnerable: We’re here because most companies have not always been well-regarded as places for diverse teams to flourish. We always start with asking partner companies to describe how they are transforming rather than claiming their D+I work is finished (no one’s work is finished). Starting with these vulnerable conversations often leads to our best outcomes - we ask that you remain vulnerable too as we have these tough conversations live with our partners.

Transparent: Surfacing problems, mistakes, and tough conversations is the only way we learn and move forward stronger. Finding blame is a waste of time; finding a solution to an issue doesn’t surface again is a welcome exercise.

Empathy: We are a safe place where we treat everyone the way we wish to be treated. We all have bad days and we want to know when you do so we can be supportive and help you become your best professional self.

Nurturing: We are running a marathon and not a sprint. We have ambitious career goals and we won’t get there if we don’t support each other during the highs and lows of our careers. If you’re in a high, pay it forward - if you’re in a low, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Don’t Abuse Data: To foster an inclusive community, we’ve decided to avoid using ‘anonymous’ profiles. While these threads are publicly available, we hope to provide a safe space for you to receive answers to tough questions, You always have the option to hide your question from the public - we respect this and do our best to ensure these questions are answered as well.

Excellence: No typo is too small. Our fellow community members rely on us to be accurate with all information. If we’re not being truthful with our advice, how can we ensure the right connections between people?