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Forget Diamonds - Delegation is a Girl’s Best Friend

Forget Diamonds - Delegation is a Girl’s Best Friend
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Delegation is critical to any career, but how do you determine when you should? How can you view tasks to get the most leverage out of your team, and if you don’t have a team, how could you get one?

Heather Mason, Founder of CEO-U, the Caspian Agency, and the SUREFIRE conference, is here to answer your questions LIVE and virtually! We'll discuss how we can create a logical route to help you leverage delegation, while also setting you up for success if you need to argue for headcount. We’ll also discuss any barriers or fears that might be holding you back from trusting your team, and in the end, help you discover your own personal "awesome’’.

You asked, she's answering:

  • I'm a new manager, what are your top tips for delegating work?
  • How do you get over the fear of losing your job if you delegate?
  • What tips do you have for female leaders at the c-level?
  • & More! 


CEO U is the brainchild of Heather Mason, one of the 3% of female business owners in the US earning over $1M in gross annual revenue. She’s been there and done it all, as a completely self-made entrepreneur. Her highly successful Caspian Agency conceives and creates world-class convenings for foundations, Fortune 1000 companies and purpose-driven clients.

Heather also founded the SUREFIRE conference for teen girl empowerment, now in its 5th successful year. She is frequently engaged as a speaker and emcee as well as teaching public speaking techniques to achieve power and poise in your presentations.

Heather’s passion is helping other women learn the nuts and bolts of business building, sharing the skills, attitudes and competencies she’s gathered on her way to success. Throughout her journey, she’s collected a like-minded, accomplished network she calls on to share their expertise at CEO U events.

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