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40+ Ideas to Celebrate Women's History Month at Work

Women's History Month 2022

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Women’s History Month is celebrated every year during March to recognize the contributions and achievements women have made over the course of history. While women should be celebrated 365 days of the year, what better time to celebrate the outstanding women at your company than now?

We asked some of our partner companies about what theraty’re doing to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day and, from bias workshops to WHM trivia, their answers didn’t disappoint! Keep reading for 40 fun and engaging ways to celebrate women this month at work.

PayPal– challenging women to cultivate their wolfpack

“In celebration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, PayPal’s Unity Employee Resource Group is welcoming employees around the world to recognize the power of community for women—including how to cultivate, strengthen and advocate for it, all while lifting up its members. To create a sense of shared purpose, focus on wellness and support the growth of sustainable, resilient communities, Unity has planned:

·A LinkedIn campaign for International Women’s Day on March 8, challenging women and allies to help #BreaktheBias and driving donations to the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.

·Welcoming special keynote speaker and soccer legend Abby Wambach for a global session on her new book, Wolfpack.

·A global session on setting boundaries and the importance of being intentional around women’s health.

·Local events emphasizing the importance of wellness, showcasing diversity across employee locations.”

Learn more about PayPal here.

Sun Life– working toward gender parity

“On International Women’s Day, Sun Life’s BrightWomen Inclusion Network is hosting a virtual event hosted by Sun Life President and CEO Kevin Strain and Linda Dougherty, EVP Corporate Strategy and Global Marketing, on the progress Sun Life has made towards gender parity goals. The event will also feature a Keynote from Amy Morin, LCSW on ‘13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do and What They Do Instead.’

Guest-speaker Natasha Bergeron from McKinsey will also provide expert analysis of McKinsey’s ‘Women in the Workplace Report’ hosted by Sun Life’s Veronique Dorval, SVP Client Experience Office.”

Learn more about Sun Life here.

uShip– providing resources on contributions women have made

“uShip celebrates and recognizes Women’s History Month by sharing and providing resources to our employees on the many past and present contributions women have made. In our semi-monthly company-wide newsletter we have a community service spotlight that recognizes women in our local city who have gone above and beyond in community service in the past year. We highlight uShip’s partnership with Power to Fly and the impact it has on our employees. We also provide details to events going on in our local community that focus on Women’s History Month and ways to support women-owned businesses."

Learn more about uShip here.

Autodesk– sponsoring a women-led conference

“The Autodesk Women’s Network will be celebrating this month with a series of events on the topic of Authentic Leadership and Personal Resilience. Autodesk is also sponsoring this year’s Girl Geek x Elevate Conference, where our Chief Security Office, Reeni Sondhi, and VP for Strategic Technologies, Susanna Holt, will be delivering a keynote address, and Technical Evangelist, Aliza Carpio will be speaking on a panel about the competitiveness of today’s talent market.”

Learn more about Autodesk here.

Soundcloud– elevating and celebrating women in music

"For Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we are focusing not only on our internal women employees but also our external Music, DEI, and Social Impact initiatives to reinforce SoundCloud’s mission of leading what’s next in music. Our theme this year is Breaking the Bias: Elevating and Celebrating Women in Music. Based on this theme, we will have a variety of activities in celebration and acknowledgement of Women’s History Month, including curated playlists, a podcast series, music panel, and workshops. We strive to elevate and empower creators and fans who identify as women by providing culturally-relevant and equitable support for under-represented creators, including roster artists where applicable."

Learn more about SoundCloud here.

Unstoppable Domains– hosting live interviews of women in tech

“As part of International Women's Day, Unstoppable Domains is launching a Women of Web3 movement to make Web3 more diverse and accessible to all.

Unstoppable Women of Web3 (UWOW3) is an action-oriented community made of over 50+ industry leaders supporting education & opportunities for girls, women, and minorities in this burgeoning industry.

This International Women’s Day, March 8th, you can catch live interviews with Tech and Web3 leaders from all over the world. These incredible women will cover topics such as how to build communities, how to learn more about Web3, developing technology on the blockchain, how to talk about complex ideas with kids, and more!”

Learn more about Unstoppable Domains here.

Equinix– raising awareness about women's equity

"Equinix plans to take full advantage of International Women’s Day, offering a full day of unique, employee-led programming open to all employees, not just women.

Led by our employee resource group, Equinix Women Leaders Network, employees from across the company will host conversations on topics around International Women’s Day’s theme, “Break the Bias” as well as panels on authenticity, risk-taking, self-compassion, and defining success.

This event is designed to bring our global organization together to celebrate women's achievements, foster growth, and raise awareness about women's equity."

Learn more about Equinix here.

Expedia Group– creating weekly WHM quizzes

“This March, our Women at Expedia Group Learning and Leading (WELL) IBG are proudly celebrating Women's History Day and Month in an array of ways. Employees can win prizes through engaging in the #breakthebias campaign or through participating in one of WELL’s weekly quizzes. WELL will also be hosting an impactful global panel event, where they will be joined by inspirational women leaders and our CEO, Peter Kern. Members will also get the opportunity to develop their own skills by signing up for transformational leadership training sessions or can build their knowledge by tuning into our PRIDE IBG’s Podcast, which WELL will be co-hosting.”

Learn more about Expedia Group here.

Relativity– playing WHM BINGO for members and allies

“Relativity’s Community Resource Group RelWoW (Women of the Workplace) has a full slate of programming for our annual Women’s History Month celebrations.

This year, we are proud to host the following events and programming:

  • An Ask Me Anything panel comprised of senior women leaders of Relativity
  • A BINGO card for members and allies that will be played throughout the month
  • Ongoing Slack posts across multiple channels with engaging and informative Women’s History Month content
  • Focused “Culture Collective” session highlighting Work Cultures across the globe which will feature the perspectives of several women Relativians
  • An internal podcast episode with Relativity board members Andrea Zopp and Karen King”

Learn more about Relativity here.

CHG Healthcare– kicking off a book club

“In honor of Women’s History Month, CHG Healthcare is honoring and elevating the voices of our women in all positions throughout the company, featuring these initiatives:

  1. Distributing a company-wide toolkit providing resources to leaders and employees on how they can support women in the workplace and in their communities
  2. Premiering a “How I Lead” video celebrating the many ways women at CHG Healthcare lead
  3. Kicking off a How Women Rise Book Club
  4. Hosting a machine learning workshop during SheTech Explorer Day for high school girls interested in STEM careers”

Learn more about CHG Healthcare here.

PagerDuty– attending a concert featuring women and non-binary artists

“In honor of Women's History Month, our employee resource group, SisterDuty, in collaboration with PagerDuty.org, will be hosting various events in celebration. Externally, through a career panel and mentorship event with Quantius Education Foundation, Dutonians will share their personal experiences and inspire Canadian-based students from diverse backgrounds to launch their careers in STEEM. Internally, we will discuss gender and internal bias through internal panels, we will learn about the diverse experiences of our colleagues through employee spotlights, and we will enjoy a Sofar Sounds Concert featuring women and non binary artists.

SisterDuty creates a safe space for women, non binary folks, agender, and genderqueer employees at PagerDuty.”

Learn more about PagerDuty here.

Siemens– hosting a virtual event on unconscious bias and allyship

“Mark your calendars for the Siemens virtual event on International Women's Day, which will bring together experts and from around the world to discuss the importance of gender equity.

With an agenda covering everything from unconscious bias to allyship, this event will explore how a gender-equal world benefits everyone and why we need greater representation of female talent in technology roles to truly drive innovation.

Join all or part of these inspiring conversations as we commit to #BreaktheBias. And the conversation doesn’t end there – the Siemens Women’s Employee Resource Group is hosting several internal events throughout the month of March.”

Learn more about Siemens here.

Spectrum– inspiring women employees with a celebrated speaker

“Every time you choose to pioneer, you move the world forward,” is a message from our Women’s History Month Inclusion Talk speaker, Gaby Natale.

Gaby, the first Latina author published by HarperCollins Leadership with her book The Virtuous Circle, will keynote the discussion on being a pioneer and breaking glass ceilings. She will share her journey and what’s made her successful as a woman from Argentina to a 3 time Emmy award-winner in the US.

Gaby’s story is meant to inspire and empower our female employees who play a dynamic and integral role in our diverse workforce.”

Learn more about Spectrum here.

CDW– destigmatizing women's health

CDW coworkers across the globe celebrating 2021’s #ChooseToChallenge IWD theme

“CDW is proud to celebrate Women's History Month. Our Women’s Opportunity Network (WON) Business Resource Group will be highlighting women across the organization to recognize their contributions. To commemorate International Women’s Day, WON will be hosting their signature event entitled ‘Our Narrative: Destigmatizing Women's Health.’

Additionally, we will be featuring a Q&A with WON leaders and sharing how coworkers across the globe #BreakTheBias externally on our careers blog and @CDWCareers social media.”

Learn more about CDW here.

Splunk– featuring inspirational role models

“Splunk celebrates employees who identify as womxn+ throughout the year!

This is one of the reasons why Fortune recognizes Splunk as one of the: “Best Workplaces for Women”

Splunk has many inspirational role models, including Kristen Robinson(Chief People Officer), Claire Hockin(SVP and Chief Marketing Officer), Emily Killam (SVP, Go to Market Operations), Pamela Fusco(Chief Information Security Officer), and Kriss Deiglmeier (Chief of Social Impact).

If you would like to learn more about how womxn+ are supported and celebrated, visit our splunk.com/career page!”


Learn more about Splunk here.

Clarus Commerce– creating a YouTube playlist celebrating the Power of Womanhood

“Our DEI ERG Engagement team is celebrating Women’s History Month by hosting four, remote events in Providing Healing and Promoting Hope, this year’s designated theme:

  • Stacey Abrams Ted Talk discussing perseverance
  • Yoga Session hosted by one of our employees
  • Women’s Trivia let’s have fun celebrating us!
  • UMOM Virtual Tour, UMOM is a shelter for homelessness

We kick off the month with a YouTube playlist celebrating the Power of Womanhood, and with a Women’s History Month Miro Board, where you can share a dedication to a woman that has made an impact in your life. ”

Learn more about Clarus Commerce here.

Andela– running thought leadership campaigns showcasing women

“We are running a series of video and thought leadership campaigns showcasing the strength, intelligence, and overall contribution women make to the world. We are especially excited to share our Virtual Recruitment Event on March 9th, hosted by members of our executive leadership team who will share their insights on their careers in tech, some of their challenges, and highlight the open roles on Andela’s core team.”

Learn more about Andela here.

T. Rowe Price– offering mentorship and leadership opportunities for women

“T. Rowe Price understands the value of associates with diverse backgrounds and perspectives and is committed to increasing the representation of women in asset management. Women In Sales and Women's Stock Pitch Workshop are programs the firm launched to support women's careers in asset management and sales.

Women in Sales emphasizes mentorship and leadership opportunities to foster a more inclusive environment for women. Women’s Stock Pitch Workshop prepares female MBA students to research and pick stocks, a critical skill for internship interviews. These programs are examples of T. Rowe Price’s commitment to a more equitable future.”

Learn more about T. Rowe Price here.

Yelp– prioritizing intersectionality and tough conversations

“This year, for Women’s History Month, we’re bringing visibility to tough conversations and prioritizing intersectionality. From collaborating with employee resource groups to destigmatize postpartum depression and anxiety, to partnering with a professional development organization to provide tools for overcoming imposter syndrome. We’ll hear from queer Black women at Yelp on their personal and professional journeys. And finally, we’ll wrap up the celebration at our virtual concert with Black and women artists. Through trials comes triumph.”

Learn more about Yelp here.

Teachers Pay Teachers– hosting a networking happy hour

“To cultivate inclusivity and build for diversity, TPT has six Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), spanning across various backgrounds and identities. Our women-identifying ERG, Athena, promotes a support system that inspires fearlessness and positive change through elevating and empowering the voices of those who identify as women.

For WHM, Athena will curate various activities for employees, including a professional development Snack & Learn on “Taming Your Inner Critic,” as well as host a Networking Happy Hour with another company’s women-focused ERG. Throughout the month, Athena will conduct Women’s History Trivia, share Women-Owned Restaurants and Businesses Lists, and a Women’s History / Empowerment Playlist.”

Learn more about Teachers Pay Teachers here.

Netskope– contributing to the #BreakTheBias social campaign

“The Awesome Women of Netskope (AWON) - one of Netskope’s many Affinity Groups - is proud to be hosting a series of events in celebration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Netskope has long been committed to fostering diversity on all levels, which brings valuable perspectives, backgrounds and talents to the company.

Netskope’s International Women’s Day virtual event welcomes a stellar lineup of speakers:

  • Netskope CEO Sanjay Beri, our Chief People Officer Marilyn Miller, and Better Allies® author Karen Catlin for an interactive keynote on creating inclusive, engaging workplaces and everyday actions to Break the Bias.
  • Our employees around the world will be promoting awareness and lending their voices to the #BreakTheBias social campaign.
  • Netskope will be featuring a series of phenomenal women spotlights internally and through our social platforms.
  • We will close out the month with an impactful panel discussion with Netskope’s CSO Team tackling topics ranging from unconscious bias to mentorship.”

Learn more about NetSkope here.

Esri– acknowledging inspiring women across the company

“We are planning an event that will resonate with women at all stages of their careers. Colleagues will present and lead various discussions and exercises around the concepts below:

  • Senior and Emerging Leadership
  • Balancing a Career and Motherhood
  • Work-Life Balance and Self-Care

In addition, a special Teams channel will be established where employees can acknowledge women across the company who inspire them.

Our mission is to provide a forum where women feel seen and understood and offer a safe space to ask for advice from those who have been through it.”

Learn more about Esri here.

Okta– driving gender diversity and inclusion

“Our Women@Okta employee resource group is excited to celebrate Women’s History Month through professional development, advocacy, and fundraising.

To kick-off things off, we are sending employees to the CA Conference for Women, as well as encouraging colleagues to participate in the 2022 International Women’s Day #BreakTheBias campaign. Okta is also matching donations made by employees throughout the month to Techbridge Girls, Becomtech, and United Women Singapore. We’ll also be sharing information on history-making women with the company every day in March to honor these women and to inspire future women leaders in our organization!”

Learn more about Okta here.

Procore– highlighting the works of women throughout history

“This month, Procore honors Women’s History Month (WHM) and International Women’s Day (IWD) (March 8). At Procore, we understand that all women are not the same, with varied experiences related to race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, body type, economic class, etc., and that all Procorians—including allies—welcome these nuanced differences. To celebrate WHM and IWD, Procore aims to #BreakTheBias by highlighting the works of Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Yuri Kochiyama, Gloria Andzaldúa, Monica Roberts, Alice Wong, Xiye Bastida, and many more women who teach us what it means to create a better, more equitable and more inclusive tomorrow.”

Learn more about Procore here.

SeatGeek– participating in a Women's Impact basketball game

“In recognition of Women’s History Month, SeatGeek is working with BSE Global, parent company of the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center, on a female powerhouse night of curated content and giveaways as part of the Nets’ upcoming Women’s Impact Game on Monday, March 21 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Prior to the tipoff, they will host a networking reception in one of the arena’s exclusive VIP clubs featuring the women employee resource groups from both SeatGeek and BSE Global, along with local women-owned businesses, partners, and other organizations. Each attendee will receive a custom curated gift box featuring hand-selected items from women-owned businesses in New York City.

SeatGeek is also providing the business owners, partners and organizations participating in the pregame networking event with tickets to the Nets game, along with donating tickets to other local women-owned community organizations and partners.”

Learn more about SeatGeek here.

Lockheed Martin– hosting a virtual hiring event

“Women are influencing every part of the business at Lockheed Martin. Through their experiences, they bring a unique perspective that positively impacts our culture, programs, business practices and more. This month, Lockheed Martin will be hosting a virtual Women in Engineering and Technology hiring event for qualified female candidates. Internally, our Women’s Impact Network (WIN) business resource group, will be hosting professional development events, executive webcasts and workshops for employees, focused on this year’s theme of “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope”. Additionally, the 2nd Annual WIN awards will be held this month, recognizing the accomplishments of women within Lockheed Martin.”

Learn more about Lockheed Martin here.

EnerSys– providing weekly insights showcasing women in business and leadership

“During March EnerSys will take the opportunity to celebrate achievements our women are making. Throughout the month employees will participate in a variety of events.

  • Our Women in Leadership BRG will host panel discussions featuring inspiring women in our company.
  • A guest speaker will provide tools and motivation to take “The Ultimate Career Leap”.
  • Weekly insights focused on women in leadership and women in business will be showcased, and collectively EnerSys will continue our unconscious bias conversations by participating in the global #breakthebias initiative.

Join us in celebrating the women of yesterday, the women of today and the women of tomorrow.”

Learn more about EnerSys here.

CU Direct– supporting clothing drives and taking donations for a charity

“Women in Leadership Development (WILD) ERG is celebrating Women’s History Month this March with a series of events to support our ongoing mission to enable and empower women, and expand leadership opportunities. Our guest speaker, Rachel Gauna, a writer, creative and small business owner, will address women as leaders in an advanced technological world and entrepreneurship.

WILD is also supporting Dress for Success with local clothing drives and monetary donations. A list of media content including books, music, and podcasts for women by women will be made available, as WILD honors and celebrates women and their accomplishments all month long.”

Learn more about CU Direct here.

Pluralsight– featuring women leaders in tech in a panel discussion

“Following this year’s International Women’s Day theme, Woman@Pluralsight, one of our Employee Resource Groups, will be celebrating Women’s History Month by #breakingthebias. We’ll be hosting a panel discussion featuring 4 women tech leaders at Pluralsight. During which, they’ll answer a series of questions related to bias and talk about their experience as a woman in tech. Though this event is specific to IWD. Women@Pluralsight has programming year round featuring educational resources, events, and mentorship opportunities.”

Learn more about Pluralsight here.

Aurora Solar– hosting WHM trivia and happy hour

"We are ready for Women’s History Month & have an awesome events schedule centered around learning, growth, and leadership. We’ve tapped a few of our female leaders to host an internal discussion panel about their journey into leadership, lessons learned, and how we can continue to support a future of female leaders at Aurora. Our schedule also includes trivia night, external event panels hosted by Aurorans, & happy hours.

March 3rd - WHM Trivia + Happy Hour

March 8th - Women in Leadership | Discussion Panel w/ Thusha Agampodi & Jodi Barrington

March 10th - International Women's Week - Better Together

March 24th - Planning Your Next Step In Engineering"

Learn more about Aurora Solar here.

1Password– create supportive Slack channels 

“Being a woman in tech means navigating an industry that’s difficult to enter, and even more difficult to advance in. At 1Password, from Women in Tech panels to supportive Slack channels and Employee Resource Groups, we’re striving to nurture the critical roles community and mentorship play in advancing women’s careers – because we can't reach our full potential if half the voices are stifled by the biases that make these programs necessary in the first place. Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging program will feature women-led ideas, projects, and initiatives during both Women’s History Month and all year long.”

Learn more about 1Password here.

Meta– sharing stories about impact at work and beyond

“Meta is celebrating #WomensHistoryMonth and #InternationalWomensDay with our second installment of our Beyond A Moment series, centered around bringing diverse Meta voices to the forefront on topics related to their identity, their culture, and their life at large both as employees but more importantly as people. This month we are featuring our global women Metamates across our four regions, who will be sharing stories about how they create impact both at the company and beyond tech. Please join us later this month as we go live on our Facebook Meta Careers Page.”

Learn more about Meta here.

Raytheon Technologies– highlighting achievements of women employees on social media

“Our women’s employee resource group has a calendar of events open to all employees throughout the month of March. We are also highlighting the achievements of some of our female employees both internally and on our social media accounts, and encouraging managers to talk with their team about ways they can be more involved in DE&I efforts.”

Learn more about Raytheon Technologies here.

ServiceNow– hosting global volunteering opportunities for undergraduate women students

"ServiceNow is proud to celebrate International Women's Day with our employees globally and is committed to providing support for gender equity at work and in our communities.

We've worked with our Women at ServiceNow Belonging Group (ERG) to develop an International Women’s Day program that will inspire, educate, and engage employees globally including:

  • Global events educating employees on how to break the bias against women
  • Activating employees to have conversations about allyship and women’s equality to work towards a more inclusive world
  • Global volunteer event partnering with Reboot Representation to mentor professional undergraduate women students."

Learn more about ServiceNow here.

Waters– honoring women in history

"Waters will be celebrating International Women’s Day by honoring women in history who have broken through bias and offering learning opportunities for employees. We will focus on intersectionality and inclusion, highlighting women across experience and identity. Waters will be honoring women who #BreakTheBias with virtual coffee chats, discussions about women scientists and careers of women at Waters."

Learn more about Waters here.

Skedulo– opening up dialogue around bias

“At Skedulo, International Women’s Day (IWD) means acknowledging and elevating the achievements of women at our company and opening up dialogue around unconscious biases and challenging how we can break gender bias. We embrace this year’s IWD global theme of #breakthebias with our global #breakthebias commitment challenge and panel event. At our panel event on March 8, several women leaders will speak about their successful careers in tech, how bias presents itself, and what we can do to close the gender equality gap.”

Learn more about Skedulo here.

Workiva– hosting a movie discussion

“Workiva is commemorating Women’s History Month by celebrating women leaders through a social media video vignette series: In Full Transparency: Women in Leadership. Women leaders will share their personal experiences and what Women’s History Month means to them. Throughout March we’ll highlight company-wide charitable giving opportunities that are accelerating women’s equality. Our Women in Tech Employee Resource Group will host a movie discussion and facilitate meaningful dialogue around this topic. Finally, employees all over the globe will be wearing purple on March 8 (International Women’s Day) to show support and allyship.”

Learn more about Workiva here.

Freddie Mac– hosting events focused on physical well-being

“In recognition of Women’s History Month, Freddie Mac’s WIN (Women’s Interactive Network) business resource group (BRG) will engage employees through a series of events that highlight intersectionality. WIN has partnered with other BRGs such as Rising Leaders, and Military Appreciation along with our employee assistance provider to host inclusive engagement events focused on physical well-being, professional development, diverse women in tech and growing the business.”

Learn more about Freddie Mac here.

Nike– honoring trailblazing women and allies around the world

"NIKE, Inc.’s Women of Nike Network (WON) will lead and commemorate the power of progress during Women’s History Month. The theme for 2022 is “We are the Movement” – a tribute to the trailblazing women an allies around the world – to those who influence culture, push boundaries and create a better tomorrow. Throughout the month, teammates will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of programming that shines a spotlight on changemakers who inspire the world in sport and beyond. They will also explore the diverse experiences across Nike’s global WON chapters – celebrating and honoring a culture of inclusivity and solidarity that is needed to drive change and be at our strongest.

Learn more about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Nike: https://jobs.nike.com/diversity-and-inclusion."

Learn more about Nike here.

Northrop Grumman– attending ERG-hosted events

"We are proud to celebrate Women’s History Month at Northrop Grumman.

Learn more about Northrop Grumman here.

Cummins– spotlighting women who break barriers and bias

“Cummins Africa Middle East has traditionally observed International Women’s Day with celebration events aimed at empowering women and raising awareness about issues negatively impacting them in the workplace. From North Africa, West Africa, South and East Africa to the Middle East, patriarchal attitudes pervade communities that our employees come from. Therefore, over the past few years, the organization has fortified efforts by leveraging Women’s History Month to shine the spotlight on the achievement of our women. Their stories about breaking barriers and bias in their roles attracts and inspires more women to enter the engineering industry and improve gender representation.”

Learn more about Cummins here.

Ribbon– creating a custom Zoom background 

This month Ribbon will celebrate Women's History Month by:

  • Zoom background for women’s history month
  • Highlight women owned businesses within Ribbon
  • Panel discussion 1-2 panelists + Kendell Bonner speaker option for All Hands on Women-owned real estate businesses
  • Mission moment focused on women for the month of March
  • Women-owned x Snacks for NYC and a box for Charlotte and remote employees
  • Eat Offbeat for March 8th on International Women’s Day (refugee and women owned small-food businesses"

Learn more about Ribbon here.

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