Behind the Code: Meet Kelly Eng from AdRoll

Have you ever found yourself at a job you love, but yet, something is missing? Kelly Eng, a product manager at top adtech platform AdRoll was once in that same spot. So she put on her big girl pants and took it upon herself to make a change for the better. And not just for herself, but for the entire company. Watch her inspiring story now!

Be Bold For Change: International Women's Day 2017

Did you know that a woman created the technology that led to invention of solar panels and fiber optic cables? How about the facial recognition software companies use to test products we use everyday? All around us, we use technology that make our lives easier and more efficient, and we have women to thank for that. That’s why on this International Women’s Day, we are highlighting the women whose contributions we couldn’t live without.

Black Women In Tech, Past and Present

Black women have made innumerable contributions to tech. Their accomplishments are why we’re so passionate about diversity and inclusion here at And, for Black History Month we’re highlighting these three!

PowerToFly: Year in Review 2016

We’ve had an amazing year, and we couldn’t have done it without YOU. We hope 2017 is even better!

Hire Women in Tech with PowerToFly

Meet Neil, he’s a CTO who can’t find women in tech. That all changes when Neil starts using PowerToFly. He raises the percentage of women on his tech team dramatically and becomes the CTO of the year.

PowerToFly Interviews Jessica Rose of Trans*Code and Christine Flounders of Bloomberg

PowerToFly cofounder Katharine Zaleski interviews Jessica Rose of Trans*Code and Christine Flounders of Bloomberg on Facebook Live, from the GHC/1 London conference.

Distribute! Hack, Co-hosted by Time Inc., NBBJ and PowerToFly

What’s the Distribute! Hack all about? Judges Milena Berry (PowerToFly), Robert Duffy (Time, Inc.), and Ryan Mullenix (NBBJ Design) discuss the innovative hack to help distributed teams collaborate with Cathy Sharick (PowerToFly).

Female startup founders chat with Katharine Zaleski and Deepti Sharma Kapur

PowerToFly cofounder Katharine Zaleski talks with Deepti Sharma Kapur of FoodtoEat about their startups, pivoting business plans, women in tech, and revolutionizing the breast pump.