Training Webinars


Virtual Lunch & Learn with Women Leaders at Thales

Thales creates advanced technology systems that make the world a better place to live in, especially if you love to travel. Want to learn more about Thales, including what they are looking for in new team members? Then please join PowerToFly at our invite-only virtual Lunch & Learn with Jilene Frost, Senior Technical Recruiter at Thales and Carrie Starnes, Director of Project Management Office at Thales.


Virtual Seminar with Dell’s Female Platform Software Engineering Leaders

Dell EMC and PowerToFly invite you to an exclusive virtual seminar for women in engineering featuring Gerry Hackett, Dell’s Vice President of Platform Software Engineering. On this seminar, our panel will discuss Dell’s latest engineering innovations, our panelists’ career journeys as women in tech and Dell’s company culture.


Alohomora: Unlock the Door to Successfully Learning to Code

If only learning to code were as simple as waving a magic wand… but what if it can be? Doctor Faith Wallace, former college professor turned programmer, has used the ‘schema theory’ in conjunction with Harry Potter, to help future coders everywhere determine the learning style (and resources!) they need to become a skilled programmer.


Product Manager's Mindset

It’s Mala’s philosophy that if you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will. Mala Rajendran, Senior Product Manager for Kohls, will walk you through her journey from software engineer to business analyst to product manager and share helpful tips such as starting with the customer, how to create value rather than just product and how to become a better storyteller.


How To Pitch Your Story To The Media

Have a great idea for an article? Learn how to pitch your story to the media from PowerToFly’s CoFounder & President Katharine Zaleski who’s writing has appeared in The New York TimesElleForbes and who authored Fortune’s most popular story of 2015.


Empathy at Every Level: The Sure Path to Business Success

While we try to remain empathetic in our daily lives, did you know that empathy can also be a powerful business tool? PowerToFly’s Senior Enterprise Account Executive Amanda Bender, who has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, shares how to be more empathic so you can boost your career.


How to Become a Tech Leader

PowerToFly has partnered with Girl Develop It to present this webinar of tips, tools and resources to help you become a leader within your organization.


Excel Masterclass: Filters and Functions Part I

Have one hour to learn everything you need to know about Excel and Google Spreadsheet filters and functions? PowerToFly’s Senior Data and Web Analyst (and mom of two) will guide you through key formulas to make the most of your data.


Excel Masterclass: Filters and Functions Part II

PowerToFly’s Senior Data and Web Analyst will continue her introductory look into the must-have tools you’ll need to make the most out of your data. During this on-demand, on-hour seminar, Vanina will dive deeper into the filters, formulas and functions you will need to master any spreadsheet software.


Excel Masterclass: Pivot Tables

During this on-demand, one hour virtual seminar, PowerToFly’s Senior Data and Web Analyst will dive deeper into pivot tables and why they are an awesome tool to organize and summarize your data. The seminar will explore pivot tables in both Excel and Google Sheets so that you can be an expert no matter which system you use.


How To Pivot Into A Career In Tech At Any Age

Learn how you can create reports and dashboard using only Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, a simple tool that can save you money, in under an hour!


How To Pivot Into A Career In Tech At Any Age

Want to pivot into tech, but just don’t know how? Watch our webinar with Alicia Carr, self taught iOS developer and Director of the Atlanta chapter of Women Who Code, to find out!


Data Pipelines & Verticals Masterclass

Data pipelines are an innovative tool that acts as an embedded data processing engine that runs inside your applications to filter, transform and migrate date on-the-fly. In PowerToFly’s new masterclass, we will present an introductory but in depth look at this powerful


How To Prototype To Build a Better Product

Prototypes may seem like an extra step in your process but in reality they can save you considerable time and money when you are developing and pitching your product. In this masterclass, we explain how prototyping can take your product to the next level.


Rest APIs: What, Why & How

APIs are a set of routines, protocols and tools for building software applications that make it easier to develop a program by providing all of the basic building blocks. This on-demand, forty-minute masterclass will focus on ReST APIs and help you understand what it means to be “restful”, how to design restful APIs, why we use them and how they differ from other APIs.


5 Things Women In Tech Should Know About Public Speaking

Even the most experienced public speakers will tell you it’s not easy. Pubic speaking takes a lot of confidence, preparation and practice. On this thirty-five minute seminar, we will share out tips to take your public speaking to the next level (and trust us, none of them are picturing the audience in their underwear).


Excel Masterclass 1: Filters and Functions Part I

Have one hour to learn everything you need to know about Excel and Google Spreadsheet filters and functions? PowerToFly’s Senior Data and Web Analyst (and mom of two) will guide you through key formulas to make the most of your data.


Excel Masterclass 1: Filters and Functions Part I

Have one hour to learn everything you need to know about Excel and Google Spreadsheet filters and functions? PowerToFly’s Senior Data and Web Analyst (and mom of two) will guide you through key formulas to make the most of your data.

Webinars From Companies That Care


What Works When Recruiting Women in Tech

Join Katharine Zaleski, CoFounder and President, for a quick virtual webinar where she shares successful practices we’ve seen across PowerToFly’s client base of Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing startups.


Meet Women Leaders in Systems Software and Cybersecurity

In addition to making the world a safer place through their state-of-the art research and development, Raytheon is committed to championing diversity and equality. Meet women at Raytheon with decades of experience paving the way in Cybersecurity, AI, Computer Learning, Cloud Computing and more!


The Future of Tech Sales with CenturyLink

One of the world’s largest telecommunication companies, CenturyLink is leading the way in innovation, not just in tech but in the workplace as well. That’s why PowerToFly invites you to an exclusive free webinar featuring some of CenturyLink’s female sales leaders to discuss their latest initiatives and how you can join their team.


Being a Female Tech Sales Leader with Verizon

Many of us rely on Verizon’s services everyday and now is your chance to meet the women that make it all possible and learn more about joining the team yourself. PowerToFly invites you to watch an exclusive webinar with some of the female sales leaders behind one of the world’s tech giants.


Being a Tech Leader at Any Level with Viacom

Do you want to get a peek behind the curtain at Viacom, the company behind such iconic brands as MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and BET? Then watch this exclusive webinar with Viacom’s Director of Engineering for Nickelodeon, Lead Architect for MTV Networks and more on the topic of how to be a leader at any point in your career!


RE-EMPOWER Webinar on United Technologies' Return to Work Program

Are you looking to return to work after a career break? If so, the team at PowerToFly would like to invite you to watch this exclusive webinar to learn more about United Technologies’ exciting and innovative Re-Empower Program.


Meet The Team Hiring Time Inc.'s Full Stack Developers

Join the PowerToFly team – and a select group of developers that includes you – as we host a webinar with Time Inc’s engineers and hiring managers to discuss the full stack roles they’re filling, as well as the products they’re building for over 150 million people a month.


Women Sales Leaders Share 7 Top Skills

Join us for this on-demand webinar hosted by two of Dell’s top female sales executives to learn more about their sales strategies and stories, and how you can begin your journey with Dell.


Get a Glimpse of Working in Tech at Time, Inc.

In this webinar we’ll sit with Rob Duffy, Vice President of Engineering at Time Inc., and three successfully placed women in tech on his team to learn what steps Time Inc. has taken to build a pipeline of skilled female talent, and how you can land an awesome role in tech this year.


Secrets to Landing the Best Tech Job in 2017

Our recruitment team helps job candidates polish their online profiles and put their best foot forward everyday, and now you can get tips and tricks to craft the perfect job search straight from the source!