Premier Field Engineer - Security and Identity

Wallisellen, Switzerland

Global PFE Mission Statement

Premier Field Engineering (PFE) provides technical leadership for Premier customers around the world to promote health in their IT environments through onsite, remote and dedicated support services.  As part of Microsoft’s Services, PFE is focused on the Operations Phase of IT services based on Microsoft Technology.

What does this mean?

Premier Field Engineering (PFE) is part of Microsoft’s Services Organization.  PFE provide various proactive and reactive services to our Enterprise customers to increase systems availability, resolve critical issues, and ultimately improve the health of our customers’ environments.  To ensure the skills to troubleshoot and maintain our customers’ IT services in line with Microsoft best practices our PFE team consists of highly trained engineers.  When things do go wrong we provide rapid on-site expertise to resolve critical situations worldwide 24*7.


PFE Delivers

  • Onsite proactive and reactive services to our Premier customers around the globe
  • Short term engagements through Rapid Onsite Support and proactive engagements (technology workshops & health checks)
  • Long term engagements with Dedicated Support Engineering
  • Services delivered by highly skilled engineers with deep technical expertise

We need individuals that:

  • Set an example of excellence as a Microsoft representative, enhancing the company's image and reputation through your credibility, preparation, commitment and first-class delivery.
  • Demonstrate strong communication skills; ability to develop strategic ongoing customer relationships, gain trust and respect for the company. Engineers must also possess strong technical writing, presentation and training skills.
  • Enjoy team work, and actively contribute to your peer group as well as our customer account teams.
  • Provide first class support for our biggest MS customers.
  • Communicate at various levels from CIO to the technical staff on the ground.
  • Self-critical, questioning and committed to personal excellence.
  • Comfortable in receiving and providing feedback

Work Experience

  • Experience in the enterprise customer arena
  • Understanding of complex operational challenges of IT service management
  • Face-to-face customer engagement skills
  • Security Compliance Toolkit/Policy Analyzer
  • Self-dependent working style
  • Excellent written, oral and presentation skills
  • Troubleshooting knowledge & skills
  • Strong experience with Security (Not only focused on Microsoft Technologies, but Industry Security experience)
  • Strong experience with Windows Server/Client security
  • Strong Experience with Active Directory
  • Experience with Networking (Protocols and Firewalls)
  • Experience in Public Key Infrastructure
  • Fluency in German and English language


In depth knowledge/experience for the following technologies / areas is a requirement:

  • Active Directory
  • Windows Architecture
  • Windows Server
  • Windows Client
  • Rights Management Server
  • Security Policy
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

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