Sr. Software Engineer

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Boston, MA, United States
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powertofly approved What Pluralsight Has to Offer:

Pluralsight is the technology skills platform organizations and individuals in 150+ countries count on to innovate and create progress for the world. Named one of our best work-from-home companies in 2020, Pluralsight believes in using technology to make the world a better place. They offer great benefits like:

  • Unlimited PTO
  • Competitive compensation (fair salary, bonus plans + equity)
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Office and home office perks!
  • Ways we work:

    • Software Craftsmanship - we want to be proud of our work. come to
    • Test-Driven Development - we take responsibility for our code without QA engineers
    • Pair programming - we value collaborative development
    • Continuous Delivery - teams independently ship code to prod every day
    • Kanban & Lean - no more backlog grooming, no more T-shirt size estimating
    • Continual improvement - we take time to sharpen the saw and adjust how we work
    • Autonomous & responsible teams - making their own product & dev choices
    • Cross-functional teams - collaborating through all phases of the product dev process
    • Customer research - we build what our customers actually want
    • Trusting leaders - who trust us to create and don’t impose deadlines or features
    • Solid technology - of the team’s choice, for the right job

    What we create with:

    • Node.js backend
    • Declarative UI - react, angular@2
    • Functional state management - redux
    • TDD - mocha, jasmine, jest
    • JS modules - es6, cjs
    • CSS modules - <3
    • Single-page apps - stateful clients, client routing, rest/graphql
    • Data visualization - d3, svg
    • Accessibility - semantic markup, aria, a11y audits
    • Optimized assets - webpack, cdn
    • Github - src control and PRs
    • Databases - PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Redis
    • Messaging – pub/sub architecture

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    Sr. Software Engineer