Real Estate Administrative Assistant

Eugene, OR, United States
Posted 3 days ago
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New York City, NY, United States
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This position is responsible for assisting the Real Estate Department in market activities involving site identification, revenue analysis for: new leases; renewals; easements; re-builds, conversions & repairs. Processes Lease Change Forms, Lease Audits and Monthly Reporting, vegetation and pest control, organizing and preparation of materials for variance and ordinance presentations and other related matters as deemed necessary by management.


  • Provides secretarial support including call screening, composing/typing correspondence, memorandums and reports; preparation of graphs and charts; processing payment of all bills, preparing leases, capital expenditure requests and gathering appropriate information as well as telephone contact with lessors.
  • Coordinates and manages typed materials such as documents, reports, etc., and special projects directed by the Real Estate Manager. Also maintain all Real Estate Department files.
  • Processes and Maintains vegetation control records, pest control records; property tax records; annual business license fee records; percentage lease records.
  • Processes all monthly “Lease Change Forms,” reports, and Lease audits.
  • Updates and maintains all Lease Files including the data entry, review and analysis of: current rental, future increases, expiration date, lease check registers, real estate taxes, parcel I.D., license fee, meter number, revenues, E.O.I., latitude/longitude, and zip codes as defined by Sarbane-Oxley compliance requirements in: 1) All spreadsheets applicable to Real Estate Department; 2) Current/future lease data systems.
  • Assist Real Estate Manager with background and revenue analysis for new lease development and lease renewal negotiations, then helps with servicing each lease through its duration, always communicating directly with each landowner.
  • Assist Real Estate Manager with daily Lessor requests in settling any discrepancies (property-line disputes, ingress-egress problems, roof damage, etc.) to the satisfaction of the concerned parties.
  • Assist Real Estate Manager in the analysis for securing and renewing permits for locations with all applicable jurisdictions.
  • Assist Real Estate Manager in securing all necessary variances.
  • Assist Real Estate Manager as public affairs representative striving to positively impact the ordinances and regulations which control the outdoor advertising industry.
  • Assist Real Estate Manager in research and analysis for lobbying efforts.
  • Completes projects as directed by Real Estate Manager or Regional VP of Real Estate.


  • Computer Literacy: Proficient in Microsoft windows environment, including Excel.
  • Oracle background is helpful.
  • Paralegal knowledge preferred.
  • Must be professional, multi-task oriented, and able to communicate clearly, comprehensively and with complete personal and professional integrity.
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