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Washington, DC, United States
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Optoro is a fast-growing technology company that is revolutionizing the retail industry. Every year, more than 15% of retail goods are returned or simply never sell. This creates tons of unnecessary waste and costs retailers billions.

Our mission is to make retail more sustainable by eliminating all waste from returns. Our technology platform connects every returned item to its best home, thereby increasing profitability for retailers, giving consumers great deals, and reducing environmental waste.

Backed by some of the top investors in the country - including Kleiner Perkins, Revolution Growth, and UPS - Optoro is powered by its collaborative, unconventional, and resourceful employees who love solving big problems. We are looking for individuals with similar creativity and energy to help build a lasting company focused on the triple bottom line.

Job Purpose:

Optoro’s Associate Product Manager (APM) Rotational Program is an excellent opportunity that positions you on an accelerated career path to become a high-performing leader in the technology and eCommerce industries. As a member of the program, you will have the opportunity to make an impact right from the start and to gain exposure to multiple facets of our business. Designed for recent graduates (up to 2 years post-undergrad) who are interested in technology, business and sustainability, the program kicks off with a month-long data bootcamp before joining the Product Management Department for roughly one year working on a product team. After, Associates may have the opportunity to rotate through two additional Departments within our core business functions: Product Marketing and Solutions. After successfully completing the program, you will work with your manager and mentor to identify your best career path and find a role that fits your strengths and interests in a corporate function within Optoro.

During this two-year program, you will gain firsthand, diverse work experiences and the chance to make real contributions to our business, while also gaining an extensive understanding of our company, customers, services, and strategies. 

This program will provide Rotational Associates an opportunity to address some of our most pressing challenges while also building the cross-functional knowledge necessary to create meaningful impact on Optoro. Each rotation is critical for building, selling, and implementing our solution to help eliminate waste from returns, making these rotations particularly impactful to ultimately make retail more sustainable.

The APM Rotational Program is a full-time, salaried position based out of our Washington, DC corporate headquarters. Throughout this program, you will gain first-hand exposure to some of our core business functions working on a variety of assignments; some areas of focus include:

Users. At the core of our company is delivering an amazing experience to solve a huge problem - eliminating waste in returns. The only way to solve this problem holistically is to really understand our users, what their pain points are, and how we can solve them.
Data. All of our decisions need to be based in data, and it is critical that once we understand our users, we marry that knowledge with a keen understanding of our foundational data and how to analyze that data to come up with holistic solutions. These rotations will include deep training in Tableau and Excel to help develop better analytical skills to prepare you for whatever challenge is next.
Design Thinking. Learn how to apply a human-centered approach to solving problems across various levels of complexity, enable cross-functional teams to empathize, understand, align, explore and define problems. This work includes user research, alignment tools (eg experience maps), running workshops, workflows, frameworks, prototyping, UX/UI fundamentals, and much more.
Product vision & strategy. Help to define a product vision and product strategy; talk with users and collaborate with teams other teams such as Sales, Solutions, etc to help build a great product. This work includes target market analysis, client feedback, value creation segmentation, and many other interesting and impactful work.
Engineering. Work with engineers to build and launch new features. We have incredibly talented engineers at Optoro, and its important that good relationships are established to help them build and release excellent code that solves real-world problems.
Buyers / Clients. In addition to the users of our software, it is important to interact with the buyers of our software, both from how we package the solution to how we sell it and respond to client feedback. There is no better training on our solution and the impact we make than dealing directly with clients, which will be the core of the Solutions rotation.
Sustainability. At the core of our solution, we aim to route every item to its best home, thereby eliminating all waste from returns. In these three rotations, you will see all sides of the drive to make retail more sustainable in action - where the waste is in the market, how we can build an innovative solution to address the waste, and how we sell that disruptive solution into the market.


  • Designed for recent graduates (up to 2 years post undergrad), required
  • A bachelor’s degree in any relevant field
  • Demonstrated initiative and entrepreneurial spirit
  • An ability to work well independently, as part of a team, and across corporate divisions
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills
  • Flexible and adaptable to a demanding and fast-paced work environment

Working Conditions:

Different from most positions, this program will allow the opportunity to rotate across (up to) three teams over a two year period. 


  • We are an environmentally minded, fast-growing company
  • Fully stocked office kitchen
  • Flexible work from home and PTO policy
  • Opportunity to participate in company recreational sports teams
  • Frequent company outings and social gatherings
  • Weekly company-provided breakfast and/or lunch
  • Office located in heart of downtown D.C.
  • Monthly commuter benefits
  • Company 401k matching
  • Collaborate with smart and creative individuals to solve important, real-world problems
  • Professional development sessions with upper management staff

Optoro is an equal opportunity employer. 

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