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What Does an ICM Do?
Persons in this role provide intensive case management, which consists of providing environmental supports and care coordination considered essential to assist a person with improving his/her functioning, gaining access to necessary services, and creating an environment that promotes recovery as identified in his/her Individual Recovery Plan (IRP). Expected pay rate for this position is $15 to $18 per hour, depending on experience. This position also comes with a $1,000 hiring bonus!

ICMs Accomplish Successful Interventions by Assisting the Individual With: 
  • Developing natural supports to promote community integration
  • Identifying service needs
  • Referring and linking to services and resources identified through the service planning process
  • Coordinating services identified on the IRP to maximize service integration and minimize service gaps
  • Ensuring continued adequacy of the IRP to meet his/her ongoing and changing needs.
Outcome Expectations:
The performance outcome expectations for individuals receiving this service include decreased hospitalizations, decreased incarcerations, decreased episodes of homelessness, increased housing stability, increased participation in employment activities, and increased community engagement.

Essential Job Components: 
  • Engagement and Needs Identification:
    • The case manager engages the individual in a recovery-based partnership that promotes personal responsibility, and provides support, hope and encouragement. The case manager assists the individual with developing a community-based support network to facilitate community integration and maintain housing stability. Through engagement, the case manager partners with the individual to identify and prioritize housing, service, and resource needs to be included in the IRP.
  • Care Coordination:
    • The case manager coordinates care activities and assists the individual as he/she moves between and among services and supports. Case Coordination requires information sharing among the individual, their Tier 1 or Tier 2 provider, specialty provider(s), residential provider, primary care physician, and other identified supports in order to: 1) ensure the individual receives a full range of integrated services necessary to support a life in recovery including health, home, purpose, and community; 2) ensure the individual has an adequate and current crisis plan; 3)reduce barriers to accessing services and resources; 4) minimize disruption, fragmentation, and gaps in service; and 5) ensure all parties work collaboratively for the common benefit of the individual.
  • Referral and Linkage:
    • The case manager assists the individual with referral and linkage to services and resources identified on the IRP including housing, social supports, family/natural supports, entitlements (SSI/SSDI, Food Stamps, VA), income, transportation, etc. Referral and linkage activities may include assisting the individual to: 1) locate available resources; 2) make and keep appointments; 3) complete intake and application processes, and 4) arrange transportation when needed.
  • Monitoring and Following Up:
    • The case manager visits the individual in the community to jointly review progress toward achievement of IRP goals and to seek input regarding his/her level of satisfaction with treatment and any recommendations for change. The case manager monitors and follows-up with the individual in order to: 1) determine if services are provided in accordance with the IRP; 2) determine if services are adequately and effectively addressing the individual’s needs; 3) determine the need for additional or alternative services related to the individual’s changing needs or circumstances; and 4) notify the treatment team when monitoring indicates the need for an IRP reassessment and update
Job Qualifications:

  • Must meet the requirements for paraprofessional status per DBHDD guidelines
  • Must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Have an understanding and sensitivity to serving the diverse and special needs population
  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Social Work or related field. 
  • Must have valid Georgia Driver’s License with low violations

Core Competencies Required:

  • Provide skills training to individuals served
  • Provides resource coordination to meet needs of individuals served
  • Must possess good oral and written skills
  • Complete other duties as assigned
  • Provide documentation of all contacts with individuals served and employers
  • Report any changes of employment or monthly hours worked to program manager
  • Adhere to company policies and procedures, DBHDD, and CARF standards

Perks of Working Full-Time with AmericanWork (Pathways):

  • Competitive Salary
  • Paid Vacation Days
  • Paid Sick Days
  • Holidays
  • Medical, Dental, Vision including a Health Savings Account
  • Health, Dependent and Transportation Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Basic and Optional Life Insurance for Employee, Spouse and/or Dependents
  • 401 K with employer contribution
  • Mileage & Cell Phone Reimbursement
  • Training, Development and Continuing Education Credits for licensure requirements
  • Opportunities for advancement! As we grow, you grow with us!

Pathways is an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to diversity. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status or any other protected characteristic. 
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Intensive Case Management
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