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  • Deep understanding of the Microsoft purchasing motions
  • Preparation of Microsoft Agreements and Enrolments (e.g. working with Microsoft to get correct pricing, working with customers to get correct volumetric, scoping of bill of materials, working through commercial terms and conditions including tax and currency considerations)
  • Act as a subject matter expert regarding Microsoft Licensing and Product Use Rights. Ensuring the solution is fit for purpose and meets customer needs.
  • Follow the Microsoft T-36 framework  during the customer's agreement lifecycle, e.g. Quarterly Business Reviews, Microsoft True-up and anniversary process, Microsoft road mapping, whilst working to develop, build, and strengthen long-term relationships with our customers.
  • Uncover opportunities within our customer base which aligns to the companies GTM strategy
  • Close collaboration with Account Managers, Solution Specialists, and other cross-functional departments
  • Attend internal/external customer calls and co-present with the sales team as an ”subject matter expert”
  • Collaborate with sales on developing and maintaining an active customer account plan to maximize opportunities and increase gross profit attainment.
  • Provide issue resolution and escalation management by working in conjunction with customers, Microsoft, account teams and other cross-functional departments
  • Support enablement for our customers on Microsoft products, licensing changes, value-added services, and proactively communicate updates
  • Support customer setup and onboarding with SoftwareOne and Microsoft


Functional Skills

Sales Operations Management-Skilled

Provides licensing guidance and commercial recommendations to allow the sales team to provide value-added services for our customers. Must follow the T-36 framework to ensure customers' high adoption and retention.


Commercial Awareness-Advanced

Provides customers with a value-added perspective around industry, trends and the customer's own business. Understands SoftwareOne's framework of selling products or services to customers. Possesses knowledge of products and services across SoftwareOne's Software & Cloud portfolio and is able to answer or find the answer to questions.


Process & System Management-Skilled

Follows the global best practices, leverages repeatable and scalable processes and systems/tools throughout the customer lifecycle. Identifies opportunities for process, system and structural improvement as well as improving current practices.


Financial Forecasting-Skilled

Analyses build of materials against incentive levers to allow the business to accurately forecast and maximise the incentive return.


Customer Intelligence-Advanced

Utilises data obtained on customers through various platforms to better understand customers and build deeper relationships. Draws useful insights from data obtained which informs organisational direction and strategies of product offerings and marketing channels to better serve customer's needs.


Value based Selling-Skilled

Provides customers with a value-added perspective around industry, trends and the customer's own business and tailors solutions and sales messages to meet customer needs displaying a level of confidence and credibility


Foundational Skills

Building Relationships-Advanced

Creates relationships with immediate team and across the organization characterized by a high level of acceptance, cooperation, and mutual respect. Forms relationships outside of the organization that supports individual growth and/or business success.



Works together to achieve a common goal by sharing ideas and thinking. Productive and efficient engagement with team members. Plays to each other's strengths. Fosters a mutual respect for one another’s knowledge, experiences, contributions, and inputs.


Problem Solving-Skilled

Leverages knowledge, previous experience, and skills to identify the crux of an issue and creates a workable solution to resolve problems. Understands verbal or numerical information and how to make reasoned decisions based on this analysis.


Data Savvy-Skilled

Identifies key information and data as well as relationships between different pieces of information. Uses business-related data presented in graphs, tables, and reports to generate solutions to a variety of problems, using statistical or other spreadsheeting skills.


Analytical Reasoning-Skilled

Uses logic and mathematics to figure out problems by breaking down the information into manageable components in a step-by-step approach. Examines data to understand issues, assesses consequences of different courses of action and proposes solutions.


Foundational Skills – SWOmies
Derives skills from the mission, vision, values and organizational strategy


Maximizes Results-Skilled

You focus relentlessly on the quality of what you do and work to make our systems better and more efficient to maximize results. You embody the notion that “how” we do something is as important as “what” we achieve. You push to meet or exceed goals, holding yourself to account and personally improve performance.​


Customer Excellence-Advanced

We consistently exceed expectations through great discipline, empathy and respect, ensuring a best in class customer experience. 


Impact Driven-Skilled

We are committed to achieving exceptional outcomes by working with speed, passion and discipline. We take the initiative and constantly raise the bar of sustainable high performance and employee happiness.


Communicate with Impact-Advanced

You work collaboratively and communicate powerfully with others towards the successful execution of team goals that are fully aligned to organisational outcomes. You influence others to gain support and commitment and drive collaboration for best results. You positively support and advocate our culture and values, bringing them to life with colleagues and customers.



In order to successfully achieve your work goals while interacting with others, you understand the need to first focus on your own mindset, skills and behaviors in order to stay relevant. You are both approachable and accountable when working with others inside and outside the company. You are also flexible and adaptable while doing your job. You embody our values, intrinsically modeling them to all around you. You invest in increasing insights on your strengths and development areas, seek feedback and always have a development plan in progress. You are constantly ‘work in progress’.​


Big Picture Focused-Skilled

You execute your job knowing exactly how it helps move SoftwareOne towards its goals via the strategic drivers. You fully understand your role in your team and within SoftwareOne. You always anticipate what is potentially going to happen and embrace opportunities to bring plans into reality. You see both the big picture and the details and never freeze in the face of adversity and risk.


Transformation Agility-Skilled

We apply a growth mindset supported by constant learning and innovation. We successfully navigate complexity and perpetual change by addressing new challenges with deliberate positive action.

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EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: Microsoft Licensing Solution Specialist
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