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Database Specialist (Production Engineering)

Employment: Full Time Experience: Mid-Level
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We love GitLab because it's proving how remote teams can build a successful company that scores of developers rely on. GitLab's medical benefits are listed here and vary depending on where employees are based. No specifics on US parental leave, but check out the unlimited PTO policy that highlights how GitLab encourages you to use the policy when "taking care of a loved one".

Paid Time Off

  1. Don't frown on people taking time off, but rather encourage that people take care of themselves and others.
  2. Working hours are flexible, you are invited to the team call if you are available, and if you want you can post to the #working-on chat channel what is on your mind so others can offer suggestions.
  3. You don't need to worry about taking time off to go to the gym, take a nap, go grocery shopping, doing household chores, helping someone, taking care of a loved one, etc. If something comes up or takes longer than expected and you have urgent tasks and you're able to communicate, just ensure the rest of the team knows and someone can pick up any urgent tasks.
  4. Encourage your co-workers to take time out when you become aware that they are working long hours over a sustained period.
  5. We have an "unlimited" time off policy. This means that:
    • You do not need to ask permission to take time off unless you want to take more than 25 consecutive calendar days.
    • Always make sure that your job responsibilities are covered while you are away.
    • We strongly recommended to take at least a minimum of 2 weeks of vacation per year, if you take less your manager might follow up to discuss your work load.
  6. You do need to ensure that not more than half of the people that can help with availability emergencies (the on-call heroes), regular support, sales, or development are gone at any moment. You can check for this on the availability calendar, so be sure to add appointments early.
  7. Please see the On-Call page for information on how to handle scheduled leave for someone from the on-call team.
  8. Add an appointment to the GitLab availability calendar as you know your plans, you can always change it later.
  9. In case it can be useful add your planned time off as a FYI on the next agenda of the team call.
  10. We will help clients during official days off, unless they are official days off in both the Netherlands and the U.S. We try to have people working who are in a country that don't have an official day off. If you need to work during an official day off in your country, you should take a day off in return.
  11. If you have to respond to an incident while being on-call outside of your regular working hours, you should feel free to take off some time the following day to recover and be well-rested. If you feel pressure to not take the time off to rest, refer to this part of the handbook and explain that you had to handle an incident.

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