Autopilot, Motion Planning Engineer

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Palo Alto, CA, United States
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Tesla is looking for a strong software engineer to drive the future of autonomy across all current and future generations of vehicles. Software is core to Tesla’s Autopilot, and motion planning is a key part to level 5 autonomy. As a Software Engineer on Motion Planning, you will contribute thought leadership and development horsepower across the entire product lifecycle in a highly collaborative environment. Most importantly, you will see your work repeatedly shipped to and utilized by Tesla’s customers.

A strong candidate will possess expertise in programming (especially C++ and Python), have shipped code for a product that was delivered at scale, and share a passion for Tesla's mission to accelerate the world's transition to autonomy and sustainability.


  • Develop and implement motion planning software and algorithms for autonomous vehicles
  • Assist with overall autopilot software architecture design, including designing interfaces between subsystems
  • Model both navigation and obstacle avoidance in a dynamic environment
  • Conduct high-level system design and analysis
  • Ship production quality, safety-critical software to the entirety of Tesla’s vehicle fleet


  • Production quality C++
  • BS in Computer Science, Robotics, Physics, similar field(s) of study, or equivalent practical knowledge
  • Experience with solving software problems using geometry and linear algebra
  • Shipped safety-critical software in a fast-pace environment
  • Ability to rapidly prototype and test new algorithms
  • Ability to tackle open and unsolved problems

Desired Skills

  • Experience in developing embedded systems with real-time constraints
  • Hands-on experience in robotic or autonomous vehicle system design and implementation
  • Experience with both simulation and hardware implementation
  • Experience with large scale software development

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Autopilot, Motion Planning Engineer