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MongoDB is seeking a Full Stack Web Engineer for the mongodb.com web team. The web team serves the marketing and growth arms of the organization, strives to make MongoDB more successful by constantly improving the experience of visitors to mongodb.com, and assists the marketing/growth organization by providing support, tools, and ideas.

This role will focus on building and optimizing both the frontend and backend of the website. mongodb.com is built on a MERN stack that leverages internationalization technology, analytics software, and a custom CMS to provide a constantly evolving top quality experience to MongoDB customers, and therefore requires developers with a rich understanding of web technologies and typically 5+ years of experience developing and delivering web applications to a large audience.

We generally look for an engineer who has the desire to constantly improve the codebase and wants to enable others to do their job more effectively. Our candidates care deeply about maintainable code and improving software engineering for those around them.

The right candidate for this role will

  • Be proficient in developing functionality for web applications written with React, Express, or other modern frameworks and tools
  • Have a deep understanding of MongoDB or other modern databases
  • Be able to write automation and bundling software using tools such as webpack, rollup.js, etc.
  • Know the most current web APIs - such as ES Modules, Async / Await, Fetch, IndexedDB, Web Workers- in and out
  • Have familiarity with a CI deployment style
  • Be dedicated to writing maintainable, well-tested code, with best practices
  • Have the ability to develop and own the long-term strategy for large web applications
  • Be knowledgeable of best practices for and able to produce high-quality web application UX and UI
  • Have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment with a daily release cycle
  • Be introspective about their own workflows and interested in improving the efficiency of their team
  • Be familiar and comfortable with coding integrations commonly made in a marketing setting
  • Be able to know, execute, and advise on SEO best practices
  • Be curious, collaborative, open-minded, and willing to debate ideas with empirically-backed claims
  • Be fluent in English
  • Three.js, webGL, and other 3D web technologies is a plus!

*MongoDB is an equal opportunities employer*

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Full Stack Web Engineer