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About Netskope

Today, there's more data and users outside the enterprise than inside, causing the network perimeter as we know it to dissolve. We realized a new perimeter was needed, one that is built in the cloud and follows and protects data wherever it goes, so we started Netskope to redefine Cloud, Network and Data Security. 

Since 2012, we have built the market-leading cloud security company and an award-winning culture powered by hundreds of employees spread across offices in Santa Clara, San Francisco, Seattle, Bangalore, London, Melbourne, and Tokyo. Our core values are openness, honesty, and transparency, and we purposely developed our open desk layouts and large meeting spaces to support and promote partnerships, collaboration, and teamwork. From catered lunches and office celebrations to employee recognition events (pre and hopefully post-Covid) and social professional groups such as the Awesome Women of Netskope (AWON), we strive to keep work fun, supportive and interactive.  Visit us at Netskope Careers and follow us on Twitter @Netskope and Facebook. 


Principal Software Engineer, Observability

Our engineers are working on some of the hardest problems in the field of observability with a mission to achieve the highest standards of customer success. Our observability team builds the tools and infrastructure that every engineering function inside Netskope uses to develop, debug, scale, and monitor all services that form the backbone of the Netskope SAAS platform. These tools provide the critical information needed to operate NetSkope in a highly available, high scale cloud solution. We are hiring at all experience levels.

What this role entails

  • Partner with Site-Reliability-Engineers, Product owners, Application Developers, and Infrastructure engineers to design, develop, and manage world-class telemetry (logs, metrics/APM, distributed tracing) solutions for large scale enterprise cloud.
  • Create scalable data mining and data analytics framework using cutting edge tools and techniques
  • Apply machine learning and data analytics to detect changes in data patterns for operational intelligence as well as business intelligence
  • Apply data modeling and predictive analysis to proactively predict possible issues ahead of time
  • Proactive system monitoring & alerting.


  • 10+ years of experience in software development
  • Minimum of 3 years of development experience in related fields like Observability, Site-Reliability-Engineering, Distributed Computing, Anomaly Detection, etc..
  • Strong expertise in data structures, algorithms, and software design.
  • Expert knowledge developing and debugging in GoLang or Python
  • Strong experience in one or more of the following areas: data mining, machine learning, recommendation systems, or artificial intelligence
  • Experience in the data warehouse space, custom ETL design & implementation
  • Experience developing applications on Container and Container Orchestration Tools (Docker, Kubernetes).
  • Direct exposure to the internals of Prometheus, influxdb, telegraf, grafana, m3db is a huge plus
  • Large distributed systems design and development experience is a bonus
  • Strong interest in learning new technologies.


  • Bachelor’s / Master’s degree in Computer Science or any related field


Key words: Observability, Telemetry, Time Series Database (TSDB), Logging Drivers, Log Management, Alerting, Monitoring, Distributed Tracing, m3db, Cortex Metrics. 




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Principal Software Engineer, Observability