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PowerToFly, the fastest growing platform and community connecting women in tech with companies that value diversity and inclusion, is looking for a video producer who’s ready to showcase their unique skill set and make their mark on the hiring industry (and essentially the world).

From ideation to curation, we’re looking for someone with exceptional video editing skills, creativity, and who will help us craft our story and the story of our partners, through video.

Given this unprecedented time, it’s more important than ever before for this person to think creatively when it comes to content, especially given our limited access to new footage from our partners and community. This person will report to our Video Producer but interface heavily with our partner companies - be ready to also learn and work with a scrappy team of marketers (while teaching us something new)!

This person should be able to:

  • Execute video campaigns from start to finish - from collecting footage, editing, to collaborating with the greater marketing team on promotion.
  • Think strategically when it comes to the purpose behind video content and make suggestions on where/ how video should be used in marketing campaigns.
  • Edit with Adobe Premiere and have a basic understanding of Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively via email and on virtual calls with clients.
  • Accept constructive feedback with ease from both the internal PowerToFly team and partners/ clients.
  • Write short-form copy in grammatically correct English. No typo is too small.
  • Manage, prioritize and oversee multiple projects at the same time, as well as quantify the success of our videos.
  • Work with the Youtube Algorithm and think of creative ways to make our channel grow while expanding our reach to new viewers.
  • Solve problems with your unique tool set while staying flexible and creative. From editing a video to changing the color of a logo, researching a company or thinking of new ways that we can market our videos, we are a multi-functional team that's always looking for new inspiration!
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Associate Video Producer