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powertofly approved What Pluralsight Has to Offer:

Pluralsight is the technology skills platform organizations and individuals in 150+ countries count on to innovate and create progress for the world. Named one of our best work-from-home companies in 2020, Pluralsight believes in using technology to make the world a better place. They offer great benefits like:

  • Unlimited PTO
  • Competitive compensation (fair salary, bonus plans + equity)
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Office and home office perks!
  • This position is also available for employment in these areas:Remote - Arizona, Remote - California, Remote - California (Bay Area), Remote - California (Los Angeles), Remote - Massachusetts, Remote - Texas (Austin), Remote - USA, Remote - Utah, Remote - Washington (Seattle)Job Description:
    As a DevOps Engineer at Pluralsight, you will partner with the DevOps Manager to curate Developer self-service tools and systems to empower our continuous deployment environment. You will keep Pluralsight’s finger on the pulse of the DevOps community by continually researching, testing, and developing solutions to better enable our Software Engineers through automation and self-service. As an embedded member of remote development teams, you will be the subject matter expert on how and when to utilize the tools built and deployed by DevOps, as well as an influential partner in delivering incredible end user experiences.Pluralsight is a leader in the tech education space, and as such, our engineers are a driving force in developing and promoting industry best practices while continually synthesizing new ideas. You will help set the bar for DevOps teams across the industry while building a product that creates the innovators of tomorrow through technical education.
    Who you are: 
    • You are an experienced DevOps professional that enjoys being in the middle of the development lifecycle
    • You love exploring new technologies and keeping your own technical skills sharp while exhibiting responsibility and caution
    • You have a passion for innovation, learning, and excellence
    • You elevate the technical abilities of those around you
    • You are an amazing communicator and effective influencer within the remote teams you are on
    • You have a track record of being analytical, methodical, and quality-driven
    What you’ll own: 
    As a DevOps Engineer with a knack for automation, troubleshooting, and problem-solving, you will be responsible for monitoring our environments, servers, and applications for health, performance, and security. You will work with our talented team of Software Engineers to decide how to best create meaningful outcomes for our end users.
    • Develop a flexible infrastructure to promote Developer self-service, while promoting continuity across our overall environment.
    • Development of tools and systems to support Developer self-service
    • Continuous environment monitoring for application health, performance, and security
    • Maintaining a pulse on emerging technologies and discovering hidden opportunities in our environment
    • Use technical expertise and experience to evaluate industry technologies and assess practice relevance
    • Collaborate with Software Developers to research and address technical needs and to roadmap and develop new solutions
    • Maintain and improve standards of Operational Excellence
    • Ensure redundancy and resilience of infrastructure and services
    • Reliability and Performance
    • Championing of continual improvement in the areas of reliability and performance
    • Help design and implement secure environments and servers
    • Forecast and assess reliability risks
    • Ensure all infrastructure is configuration managed
    • Development Support
    • Support DevOps Manager
    • Collaborate with the Ops and DevOps teams, as well as Security, IT, and Software Engineers
    Experience you’ll need: 
    • A successful candidate will be well experienced in key areas such as AWS, Saltstack, and Terraform (or similar)
    • Experience with Kubernetes and containerization to be able to support existing teams
    • Ability to quickly analyze and comprehend new or unfamiliar technologies or ideas
    • Track record of progressive DevOps engineering experience including the following:
    • Strong systems administration skills in both Linux
    • Experience in automation and the development of automation tools
    • Strong background in continuous integration and deployment methodologies/pipelines
    • Strong administration of HAproxy, RabbitMQ, Redis
    • Strong knowledge of network security and performance
    • Knowledge of compliance frameworks (PCI, SOX, SOC 2, ISO 27001)
    • Powershell, Bash, and Python scripting
    • Database administration background in Postgres or similar
    • Experience with Kafka a plus
    • Strong understanding of DevOps mentality and tools
    Technologies and tools you’ll use and interact with here:
    • Linux - Ubuntu LTS, RHEL, CentOS 7, Fedora Core
    • Tools - Github, New Relic, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, Saltstack, OpsGenie, ELK, Terraform
    • Services - Haproxy, Nginx, IIS, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Zookeeper
    • AWS - EC2, RDS, ECS, VPC, Route53, ELB, ALB, Lambda, Elasticache, Cloudfront, Service Catalog, Cloudwatch, CloudFormation, IAM, Certificate Manager, Directory Service, WAF & Shield, SQS, SNS
    • Data Stores - Cassandra, Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL, Redis, BigQuery, Hadoop, Elasticsearch
    • Other - Cloudflare, Salesforce.comwpengine.com, Zuora, Adobe AEM, Adobe Search and Promote
    • Languages in use here that you may help support: Python, Node.js, Ruby, Java



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