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Applied Science Manager - Driver Growth

About the Role


The Earner Growth team at Uber designs the experiences, products, and algorithms that help earners (both Uber Drivers as well as Uber Eats Couriers) get on the road and stay driving with our platform. In order to do this, we need to deeply understand the experience of earners at each step in their lifecycle, build driver valuation frameworks to make trade-offs, and create statistical models that identify opportunities and target experiences.


What You’ll Do 


  • Work with Product and Engineer to design a strategy and project list to guide the team's efforts
  • Hire and develop a high quality team of applied scientists and data scientists
  • Give feedback on and input into each model, analysis, and output of the team
  • Guide Uber Leadership's perspective on topics critical to the Earner Growth space


Basic Qualifications 


  • Bachelors, Masters, or PhD in Statistics, Economics, Machine Learning, Operations Research, or other quantitative fields.
  • Experience in people management.
  • Knowledge of underlying mathematical foundations of statistics, experimentation, machine learning, and analytics. Hands on experience in developing and prototyping statistical and machine learning models.
  • Coding and SQL proficiency and ability to develop statistical analysis and algorithm prototyping in Python or R.


Preferred Qualifications


  • Experience operationalizing and productionalizing modeling strategies from a variety of fields (Stats, Econ, OR, etc)
  • 3+ Years of Applied Science Experience (7+ for Bachelors candidates)
  • Strong knowledge of coding standard methodologies (unit testing, readability, modularity, etc)
  • Track record of engaging senior leadership effectively to build understanding of and consensus for the viewpoints of the team
  • Excellent success hiring, retaining, and motivating talented junior Applied Scientists


About the Team 

The Core Analytics & Science Team (CAS) is Uber's largest data and applied sciences organization, covering both of Uber's main lines of business as well as the underlying platform technologies that power those businesses. We are a key part of Uber's cross-functional product development teams, helping to drive every stage of product development through data analytic, statistical, and algorithmic expertise.

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Applied Science Manager - Driver Growth