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Director, Developer Relations

Employment: Full Time Experience: Senior

As the Director of Developer Relations, you will be responsible for managing and building the team that focuses on supporting contributors, developers, and students. The team will serve as advocates and evangelists working to grow, cultivate and support the GitLab community of contributors, developers, students and all those passionate about GitLab. You will help to make it easy to contribute to GitLab, help our community give feedback to our product and documentation, and help to create educational programs for GitLab.

About GitLab

GitLab Inc. is a company based on the GitLab open-source project. GitLab is a community project to which over 1,000 people worldwide have contributed. We are an active participant in this community, trying to serve its needs and lead by example. We have one vision: everyone can contribute to all digital content, and our mission is to change all creative work from read-only to read-write so that everyone can contribute.

We value results, transparency, sharing, freedom, efficiency, frugality, collaboration, directness, kindness, diversity, boring solutions, and quirkiness. If these values match your personality, work ethic, and personal goals, we encourage you to visit our primer to learn more. Open source is our culture, our way of life, our story, and what makes us truly unique.

Avoid the confidence gap; you do not have to match all the listed requirements exactly to apply. Our hiring process is described in more detail in our hiring handbook.

Work remotely from anywhere in the world. Curious to see what that looks like? Check out our remote manifesto.

Top 10 reasons to work for GitLab:

1. Work with helpful, kind, motivated, and talented people.

2. Work remote so you have no commute and are free to travel and move.

3. Have flexible work hours so you are there for other people and free to plan the day how you like.

4. Everyone works remote, but you don't feel remote. We don't have a head office, so you're not in a satellite office.

5. Work on open source software so you can interact with a large community and can show your work.

6. Work on a product you use every day: we drink our own wine.

7. Work on a product used by lots of people that care about what you do.

8. As a company we contribute more than we take, most of our work is released as the open source GitLab CE.

9. Focused on results, not on long hours, so that you can have a life and don't burn out.

10. Open internal processes: know what you're getting in to and be assured we're thoughtful and effective.

    • Build a global team to focus on the developer experience of the GitLab community, to provide the very best support, guidance and engagement to empower developers using GitLab, contributors developing code for GitLab, and students learning to develop software.
    • Create and execute a plan to grow the Developer Relations team, building out the Developer, Contributor and Student programs to grow each segment and increase engagement.
    • Manage three pipelines to increase the number of Developers, Contributors and Students involved with GitLab. Key results include quarterly growth targets for each group, and targets for increase in engagement across each group.
    • Lead the community advocacy team chartered with engaging and supporting community members as they use, explore and engage with GitLab. Results are measured based on increasing the number of Contributors and the level of engagement with the community across digital channels.
    • Develop and manage developer engagement programs for external communities to gather feedback, engage in dialogue, educate and evangelize GitLab. Results are mesaured based on growing the number of Developers using GtiLab.
    • Create outreach programs to engage educational institutions to encourage and facilitate the usage of GitLab, ensuring tomorrow’s developers have access to GitLab within their education environments. Results are mesured based on the number of new institutions that start using GitLab, and growing the number of Students using GitLab.
    • Manage sponsorships, participate in events and community meetups, create new meetups, host webinars and give talks. Results are measured within the three pipelines for the number of people engaged with for each activity, and the number of conversions from each activity across Developers, Contributors and Students.
    • Work with the technical writing team and content marketing to plan and help create engaging developer content for our blog, video, social media, and other outlets.
    • Work with our content marketing and technical writing teams to define and launch scalable tutorials and quickstart guides to support developers onboarding and adoption of GitLab.
    • Work with our product marketing team to support our monthly release with developer education tools for the new features and products launching.
    • Focus on developer experience and how developer relations can help get user feedback into the product and documentation.
    • Work with the field marketing manager to support events efforts through developer advocacy.
    • You were a full-time developer in a previous life but prefer to work with the developer community to improve experience and support through education.
    • You have 5-7 years of experience leading developer relations or community advocacy programs, preferably open source in nature, and you have built a team before.
    • You are creative. You’ve made people happy with your quirky campaigns.
    • You give a great keynote and write a great blog and have videos and articles to prove it.
    • You have experience facilitating sensitive and complex community situations with humility, empathy, judgment, tact, and humor.
    • Excellent spoken and written English.
    • Familiar with Git, Ruby, and GitLab.
    • Analytical and data driven in your approach to building and nurturing communities.
    • You are obsessed with making developers happy. You know that the slightest trouble in getting started with a product can ruin customer happiness.
    • Bonus points for having an existing network from a diverse set of communities and social media platforms.
    • Media training and experience in communicating with journalists, bloggers and other media on a range of technical topics is a plus.
    • You share our values, and work in accordance with those values.
Hiring Process:

Applicants for this position can expect the hiring process to follow the order below. Please keep in mind that applicants can be declined from the position at any stage of the process. To learn more about someone who may be conducting the interview, find her/his job title on our team page.

- Selected candidates will be invited to schedule a screening call with one of our Global Recruiters.

- Candidates will be asked to schedule a 45 minute interview with our CMO.

- Candidates will be asked to schedule a second 45 minute interview with our Senior Director, Marketing & Sales Development.

- Candidates will be asked to schedule a third 45 minute interview with our Head of Product.

- Candidates will then be invited to schedule a fourth 45 minute interview with our VP of Product.

- Finally, our CEO may choose to conduct a final interview.

- Successful candidates will subsequently be made an offer via email.

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