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Raytheon Intelligence and Information Services (IIS) – Cyber Security & Special Missions (CSM) has an immediate opening for a Host-Based Systems Analyst to support the customer team. The ideal candidate for this job will be an experienced information security practitioner who is goal-oriented and strives to exceed expectations.

This position requires experience in providing leadership and vision in incident handling, response, and analysis. Must be hands-on and have intimate knowledge and experience in cybersecurity, incident response, and analysis; digital forensics; security vulnerabilities/weaknesses and related attacks; network security issues and encryption technologies; management of lab environments to include flyaway kits.

Job Description

  • Uses leading edge technology and industry standard forensic tools and procedures to provide insight into the cause and effect of suspected cyber intrusions; and
  • Follows proper evidence handling procedures and chain of custody protocols; and
  • Produces written reports documenting digital forensic findings; and
  • Determines programs that have been executed, finds files that have been changed on disk and in memory; and
  • Uses timestamps and logs (host and network) to develop authoritative timelines of activity; and
  • Finds evidence of deleted files and hidden data; and
  • Identifies and documents case relevant file-system artifacts (browser histories, account usage and USB histories, etc.); and
  • Creates forensically sound duplicates of evidence (forensic image) to use for data recovery and analysis; and
  • Performs all-source research for similar or related network events or incidents; and
  • Possesses skill in identifying different classes of attacks and attack stages; and
  • Knowledge of system and application security threats and vulnerabilities; and
  • Knowledge in proactive analysis of systems and networks, to include creating trust levels of critical resources.


  • Demonstrated to advanced operational experience as a Systems Analyst
  • Demonstrated to advanced experience with computer networking and operating systems
  • Demonstrated to advanced experience of current threats, vulnerabilities, and attack trends
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Demonstrated to advanced experience working directly with customers to transfer Threat Hunting knowledge
  • Possess good time management and written and oral communications skills
  • Experience with some/all of: Hadoop, Apache NiFi, Kafka, Storm, Metron, Spark, Ambari, Kibana/Zeppelin, ThreatQ, FireEye Malware analysis
  • Familiarity with: Netflow data, DNS logs, Proxy Logs

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Host-Based Systems Analyst