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Remote Full Time Senior Posted 3 days ago

Blockstack is looking for a technical Growth Hacker to increase activation, retention, and engagement on and in the Blockstack browser product. You will be an integral part of our overall growth plans and will lead our strategic efforts to pioneer new and innovative ways to drive performance results.

The Blockstack Growth Hacker will be responsible for defining ambitious KPIs, as well as developing, recommending, and executing marketing strategies that lead to increasing daily active users. You will be tasked with devising creative solutions, and bringing the analytical expertise necessary to optimize performance and drive an increase in daily active users. You will also be responsible for defining goals for the team and building systems to track and measure our marketing performance.

The polymath in this position will have significant influence over Blockstack’s success and future direction, so we’d need to see a track record of exceptional leadership and teamwork, plus analytical, creative, and strategic thinking. The perfect fit for the job will be someone who is capable of personally handling complex performance analyses and synthesizing and communicating them accordingly—while also taking responsibility for overall planning, forecasting, and optimization across the performance marketing budget to grow daily active userbase and support our ongoing efforts to build brand awareness.

Our engineering team builds software using JavaScript/ES6, React, Redux, and Swift on the frontend.

You will:

- Develop and implement feedback loops to minimize time from customer first touch to first use in the Blockstack ecosystem

- Track and report on community engagement numbers such as daily and monthly active users

- Instate automated processes to engage developers, community members, and users for increased retention rates

- Uncover new approaches to engaging with Blockstack users

- Educate a team on customer first engagement and provide recommendations for product improvements to increase user base


You have a technical engineering background. You view growth through an analytical and evidence based lens. You have experience growing a rapidly growing start-up. You have strong collaboration and communication skills, and can work autonomously to deliver quality results. You love to test hypotheses and continually learn from different product experiments.


- Build a system for and report on user engagement numbers

- Strategize and implement product developments that increase user numbers

- Assess Blockstack product and marketing distribution, and increase number of platforms where Blockstack is discoverable


- Computer Engineering background

- History of implementing unique and creative growth mechanisms to increase user engagement

- Ability to engineer platforms for optimal use, and record of informing product improvement decisions

- Excellent analytic skills and an ability to interpret data to create actionable insights

- Ability to engage in rapid prototyping, releasing tests to production frequently and iterating constantly

Qualities + Traits

- Passion for growing the new internet for decentralized apps

- Enthusiasm for hard problems

- Thrives in a fast-paced environment

- Have demonstrated success driving growth for a beloved brand

- Believes a Growth team’s core goal is to accelerate value and reduce friction within the product and in growth as a system, not one-off tactics or growth hacks

- Is excited about joining an analytical culture and leading a data-driven Growth team

We get a lot of applicants, and have historically hired people who are proactively involved in our work and mission of decentralizing the internet. We hope you explore our Whitepaper, Browser, Github, and Slack prior to submitting your resume.


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