Systems Architect I

NY, United States Mid-Level

We are looking for a Systems Architect to join our CIT - Systems team. As a member of the CIT - Systems team, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining tools and applications that support the integration and automation of our corporate services. As AppNexus continues to grow, we are re-architecting much of our infrastructure for scale. We are searching for a talented Systems Architect to help us reach that scale. This is an opportunity for you to make a real impact on the technology that your peers use daily.

About the team:

The AppNexus CIT - Systems team, is part of the company’s Technical Operations group. The team owns the technology that powers all of the company’s internally facing infrastructure. With over 9,000 servers deployed in 6 data centers across the globe, AppNexus has an impressive and complex technical footprint run by some of the best technical operations folks in the industry. Our advertising business has been built on top of our homegrown cloud platform, which allows us the flexibility to grow with the market and adapt to ever changing technical challenges. We have been expanding at an incredible pace and we are looking for a talented Systems Architect to join our team and help us bring our infrastructure to the next level.

Consider some of the problems we tackle every day:

  • Automating the world: The Technical Operations group as a whole has a rule; “If you have to do it more than twice, automate it”. Automation is the only way to ensure that the business can scale and we meet our reliability goals.
  • Critical services: With a presence in 8 countries (the sun never sets on AppNexus), 900+ active internal users, thousands of external users and an aggressive goal of 99.999% uptime for all of our services, we are constantly challenged to not only maintain existing systems but also drive new projects forward.
  • Breadth of technology: The CIT - Systems team is the only remaining generalist team in the Technical Operations organization.That means from Centos to Windows, Juniper SRX’s to WLC’s, Confluence to Exchange, Bash to Puppet, we get to touch it all.If you’re not an expert yet, you will be before long.

About the job:

  • Develop and maintain a centralized access control system in Python
  • Integrate disparate internal and external corporate services, unifying authentication and user information across platforms
  • Re-architect existing integrations to provide flexibility and scale
  • Automate systems using Puppet, Python, Perl, and Bash
  • Maintain current systems and participate in production support

About your skills:

  • 3+ years of experience with Python development
  • 3+ years of experience in Linux administration
  • Experience with automation tools (Puppet, Chef, Ansible), SQL, Perl, and Bash
  • Passion got automation, learning new technologies, and systems administration
  • Creative problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to work with a broad range of technologies

More about you:

  • You are passionate about a culture of learning and teaching. You love challenging yourself to constantly improve, and sharing your knowledge to empower others
  • You like to take risks when looking for novel solutions to complex problems. If faced with roadblocks, you continue to reach higher to make greatness happen
  • You care about solving big, systemic problems. You look beyond the surface to understand root causes so that you can build long-term solutions for the whole ecosystem
  • You believe in not only serving customers, but also empowering them by providing knowledge and tools
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