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Newark, NJ, United States Posted 4 days ago
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We believe the spoken word has the power to change people’s lives. Audible has reinvented a media category, becoming a powerhouse of creative and original content. We create sensational entertainment experiences that absorb the listener and enhance the character and quality of daily life. Because nothing can inspire, provoke and challenge like a gripping story – and this could be the beginning of your Audible story.

Audible, Inc. is the world’s largest seller and producer of spoken audio entertainment, information and educational programming. Since inventing and commercializing the first portable digital audio player in 1997, our focus on technological innovation and superior programming has earned us millions of subscribers around the world. We’re an Amazon subsidiary with a presence on three different continents, yet we maintain a startup vibe and small company feel. We offer more than 300,000 downloadable audiobooks, audio editions of periodicals, and other programs, and an escalating array of listening products that enrich daily life for a growing population of people who want to be more productive, well-informed, and thoughtfully entertained.

Imagine a company with millions of the most satisfied customers on the planet, that has been delighting those customers for decades, and that has consistently pushed the boundaries of technology, entertainment, education, and self-improvement. Now add to that a company culture that not only puts the customer at the center of every decision and action, but that also strives to elevate those customers, enriching their lives in every imaginable way. Your role is to lead the team expanding the reach of those myriad benefits to additional millions in new ways and in new places, to amplify that success to new levels.

You will be finding ways to bring the power of the spoken word to people who need it most and whose careers and lives can be completely changed by what you deliver. You’ll be working hand-in-hand with mission-driven business leaders to consider how to bring Audible into other companies, schools, hospitals, correctional facilities, or anywhere people want to engage their minds through the medium of the spoken word. You’ll focus relentlessly on customer needs of both end listeners, as well as program administrators, working with user experience designers, to craft product capabilities that you’ll help marketers and software engineers to build.

This team is all about bringing our award-winning service to a wider audience, by imagining new capabilities and service innovations, experimenting and iterating quickly, and quickly delivering to customers. You will lead a product team that articulates new possibilities and then moves fast to make them a reality. Your team will meet with potential listeners in new segments and new places, and will open up Audible to a whole new set of champions.

You have an insatiable appetite for understanding your customers and are relentless in finding solutions that meet their needs, sweating the details and tying them back to the big picture. You know what customers value about what Audible does. You are passionate about bringing the spoken word to even just one more listener. You are an evangelist for Audible. You believe in the mission. You want to change people’s lives.

You deeply understand your product, and the alternative ways customers spend their time. You know how best to match what your product can do to what your customers know they need and to what they have yet to understand they need. You know what is easy to change about your product and what is challenging. You know how to evolve the product to meet evolving needs, moving the product ahead, leaving nobody behind.

You’re an accountable, hands on problem-solver with a positive attitude, letting nothing stand in the way. You know how to clarify the path forward and prioritize work. You know how to influence others.

You’re a natural collaborator equally comfortable talking tech with developers, user experience with designers, copy and positioning with product marketers, numbers with finance and marketing, and strategy with executive leadership. You pay attention to people, connect with them, and know how to achieve great things together.

· Work with leadership and key business and engineering stakeholders to set strategy, define the product, and make appropriate high-judgement trade-offs between features and speed-to-launch.
· Create and maintain sequencing of projects, prioritization and trade-offs balancing short-term and longer-term strategic goals.
· Identify and analyze feature requests to determine business value and priority, develop business cases, test/implement solutions and prioritize competing program opportunities.
· Define metrics for success and failure and analyze and create dashboards for key metrics.
· Regularly review metrics and proactively seek out new and improved data/mechanisms for visibility, ensuring your program stays aligned with organization objectives.
· Write market, functional and system requirements documents and ensure clear communication and coordination of requirements to business and development teams.
· Partner with UX and User Research to define good outcomes for qualitative testing, ensuring we are building the right experience for a diverse range of cultures.
· Regularly review metrics and proactively seek out new and improved data/mechanisms for visibility, ensuring your program stays aligned with organization objectives.


· Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, engineering, or math, or related work experience.
· 5+ years of experience in product management, program management, or technology implementation


· Extensive experience in product ownership/management in an agile environment.
· Experience leading product teams to successful product launches.
· Experience managing content-driven products in B2B and B2B2C environments.
· Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
· Entrepreneurial spirit and motivation to roll up your sleeves and try different things with minimal direction.
· A demonstrated record of partnering with teams across the organization and influencing to achieve business results across multiple teams who may have different goals.
· Demonstrated ability to understand and discuss technical concepts, schedule tradeoffs and champion opportunistic new ideas with technical and non-technical employees.


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