Remote Tech Lead (React/Node.js)

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The short version ⏳

Mission: Collaborate with our Chief Learning Intelligence Officer to build the Learning Intelligence product that will transform our communication platform into an impactful digital learning space, at scale.

Why: Changing the behaviour of 1,000s of educators takes more than tech tools. It takes humans. But our lovely humans need help to scale themselves.

Who: Humble, curious and builder-mentality. Experience of full-stack development. Really interested in having an impact, maybe in education. Nice to have: worked on things related to learning, coaching or things that help people interact effectively.

How: React, React-Native, microservices in Node.js, Docker, AWS, Redux, Mongo - and user empathy. We're also interested in hearing from you if you've built applications with other frameworks like Angular, Vue, etc

What is Aula? 🐝

Aula is a remote-first 50-person team from 15 nationalities building a communication platform for education. Think ‘Slack for education’.

Powered by an ecosystem of integrations, Aula is the foundational layer in the university tech stack that shapes a whole industry.

We built Aula because we believe digital infrastructure should encourage community and participation-based learning.

We’re backed by people like the founder of Unity, CTO at Eventbrite, a co-founder of Zendesk, a co-founder of JustEat and world-class VCs like Project A, BrightEye and Sunstone.

Your role: Tech Lead, Learning Intelligence 👩‍🚀👨‍🚀

You'll be the first engineer on the Learning Intelligence team - a tech lead.

  • What is Learning Intelligence?
    We offer universities two things: a platform, and a plan for how to translate the platform into better teaching and stronger communities. Actual impact on learners and teachers.Learning Intelligence (LI) is the part of Aula that empowers academics with the data, tools and support they need to make engaging teaching and learning the norm.If Aula goes on to write history, we think a lot of this will be down to having a Learning Intelligence team that enabled entire institutions to transform themselves. Rachael recently wrote a blog post about how we are approaching scaling.
  • What you'll be building
    A scalable way to make engaging teaching and learning the norm.The big vision is a product inside our communication platform that guides culture change. Things like:
    • An automated alert system nudging users to become advanced users and to engage with our pedagogy experts (i.e. humans).
    • User-facing analytics dashboard (one for students, one for educators) that supports behavioural change and advanced usage.
    • Automated onboarding journey using chatbots that collect information from educators on how our team members can best support them.
  • Your responsibilities
    Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll be working on:
    • Work directly with a product manager (Rachael, in the first instance) to make a product come to life.
    • Work across our entire code base.
    • Be part of a high-performing and inclusive team: inspire team members, set priorities and own results.
    • Lay the foundation for merging our engineering capabilities and our pedagogical vision - and for how our engineering and learning intelligence teams work together.
    • Contributing to building a collaborative, productive and friendly remote-first workplace.
  • Where you fit into the team
    You sit in both the Engineering team and the Learning Intelligence team.Here's who you will regularly interact with:
    • Oliver, our CTO, will have 1-on-1s with you to make sure you grow as an engineer.
    • Rachael, our Chief Learning Intelligence Officer, will initially function as a Product Manager. You’ll have very regular check-ins to prioritise features, clarifying user journeys, etc. and 1-on-1s to ensure you develop as a social innovator.
    • Engineering team: you’ll be part of the weekly engineering team meetings and our remote community.
    • Learning Intelligence team: you’ll be part of the weekly meetings and our remote community to gain a deep understanding of how they support universities to change.
We’d love to hear from you if… 🔍

You are are the kind of person who...

  • Cares about the impact of what you build.
  • Wants to foster a culture of no-ego team players who put the product first.
  • Thrives in caring and direct feedback environments.
  • Appreciates the value of diverse and inclusive teams.
  • Can arrange a working day with 4 hours of overlap with the workday in GMT/BST.
  • Is excited to explore the world of remote working.
  • Consider yourself transparent, reliable and considerate.
  • Wants to join a 50-person startup journey with all the ups and downs.

You’ve done some of these things…

  • Nice to have: worked on things related to learning, coaching or things that help people interact effectively.
  • Worked closely with product- or customer-facing teams.
  • Worked on both front-end and back-end.
  • You have experience with React - unless you have significant Javascript experience with other libraries.
  • You have experience iterating on products from end-to-end (full feature)

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Other Benefits

Visa Sponsorship

Equal Opportunity Statement

We are building a passionate and diverse team, with both our users and our people in mind. We are aware that as a company we have a duty to make everyone -- no matter what background, sexual orientation, gender identity and everything in between feel welcome at Aula.

We encourage you to apply, especially if you are passionate about D&I.;

Read our Diversity and Inclusion doc here.


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