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Lead Code Whisperer

Employment: Full Time Experience: Lead

What Chip and Joanna do for houses, we do for code! We love finding fixer upper apps that provide amazing business value but need some remodeling. We're proud that 66% of our leadership and 50% of our engineers are women.

How did we get started? Glad ya asked.

In 2009, two high-school friends reconnected at their ten-year reunion.

Scott started coding in high school and graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Virginia Tech. One of his first projects was retrofitting the X-31 jetfighter, which got him hooked on test driven development.

Andrea launched her business career at the ripe-old age of fourteen. When she reconnected with Scott, Andrea had already successfully run her own consulting business and worked as the human voice behind some of the world's largest brands.

In 2009, the pair joined forces as a business team and liked working with each other so much they got married three years later. They have a corgi named Ein who loves to herd their two kids.

Corgibytes is looking for a seasoned full-stack developers who enjoy working with existing codebases to make them better. This won’t be your typical job description, but that’s because Corgibytes isn’t your typical software development shop. Let’s start off by talking about our core values:

  • Act With Empathy: Listening and understanding is at the very heart of our culture. Consider the people who are impacted by your work: your clients, your users, your teammates, and even your future self.
  • Adopt a Growth Mindset: Constantly find ways to expand your knowledge and learn new things. Your intelligence and talent are not fixed; they're developed over time through perseverance, dedication, and hard work.
  • Calm the Chaos: Urgency leads to errors; frenzy to frustration. We focus on developing the steady working rhythm and calm mind that works best for solving complex problems.
  • Communication is Just as Important as Code: No one at Corgibytes identifies themselves as a “technical” or “non-technical” because everyone is both. Practice both types of skills regularly.
  • Craftsmanship in Context: Match your solution to the situation. Sometimes it’s a quick and dirty prototype to prove a concept. When the stakes are high, spending extra time getting it right is the best way to go.

Sound like you? Awesome! That's a great sign because we live these values every day. They’re a guide in making decisions, no matter how small. They’ve helped us develop a culture where folks are autonomous, responsible, and work hard without feeling burned out or like they have to choose between family and work. We’re the type of company where it’s common to see a toddler bouncing on a knee during a meeting. As an intentionally distributed team, we focus more on results than micromanagement. Our core values are key to our culture, as are our pillars of autonomy, balance, and trust.

What Corgibytes Does
There’s a lot of existing code out there that needs to be modernized safely. We specialize in this and have even coined a new term — software remodeling — to describe what we do. We refactor, introduce or improve test coverage, break up monolithic apps, upgrade frameworks in any language, framework or platform. The best part for you? You'll get to solve lots of really interesting engineering challenges!

About The Role
Does reconstructing a database from the binary files without any documentation sound like a fun challenge? If so, you've got the right attitude! Many of our clients come to us with complex architectural problems and can't find the talent anywhere else. As a Lead Code Whisperer, you can work directly with a client to help them migrate platforms, address security vulnerabilities, integrate with obscure systems, and more. You love a challenge and can understand and articulate the business value of technical choices.

As a full-stack polyglot programmer, you're comfortable with a broad range of tech stacks, including JavaScript and several of its associated frameworks (Angular, Backbone, Ember, Node.js, etc. ) as well as CSS, HTML, and object-oriented languages such as Ruby or Python. If a project requires a stack you haven’t used before, your instinct is to become eager, not intimidated. You regularly practice writing clean code with Test Driven Development and document your rationale. You stay up-to-date with industry best practices and maybe you're even starting to contribute your thoughts through blogs, stack overflow, presentations, etc. You are a mentor who loves helping other developers grow in their careers. You enjoy pair programming and providing feedback through pull requests and code reviews.

We're currently looking for contractors that we can add to projects as needed.

Salary & Benefits

  • Lead Code Whisperer - $74.48/hour
  • Senior Code Whisperer - $60.94/hour

Here's how we came up with those numbers. We started with an annual salary ($110k/year for Leads and $90k/year for Seniors). Next, we divided that by 1920 (48 weeks/year at 40 hours per week - we assume you’d take 4 weeks per year off) and add 30% to compensate for contractor expenses (using your own equipment, paying your own health insurance, etc.)

Other benefits include:

  • 10% of your billable time accrues for professional development
  • Yoga/mindfulness classes
  • Peer bonuses

At this point, you're probably thinking something like, "This job description really speaks to me, but I've never heard of Corgibytes. How do I know they're legit and learn more about them?" No worries, my friend. We get that our business is a little under the radar as opposed to consumer apps, so here are some podcasts and articles you can check out to learn more about us and the work we do.

We're really excited about the work we're doing. It's important. There's so much code out there that needs to be updated and maintained and the work we do is full of complex engineering problems that are fun to work on. If you have any questions, drop us a line at

Ready to apply? Start by completing our Developer Survey to help us match talent to the right projects. We'll reach out to folks and interview for specific projects when they're ready to kick off.

Be sure to check out for loads of details and tips to make your application stand out!

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