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Platform Engineer

Employment: Full Time Experience: Mid-Level, Senior

Discourse is a platform for civilized discussion. Our product is fully open source and our team is 100% remote. We're a 25+ person group of people with a borderline unhealthy obsession with the internet, and we aim to rid it of unsafe and user-unfriendly legacy forum software.

Discourse platform engineers spend a lot of time up close and personal with all aspects of our hosting platform, from Discourse itself, through the various internal services that help manage our hosting, down into the “weeds” of build systems, application clusters, and so on.

You can expect to have exposure to a range of different technologies, at different layers of the “hosting stack” depending on where your comfort zone lies. We don't hire specifically for "frontend", "backend" or "full stack"; we hire people who, upon taking a closer look at our open source code, can tell us where they'd like to get started improving our product. Identify your comfort zone within Discourse and then commit to expanding it over time.

Below are some examples of past projects that either were trial projects or could have been, ranging in scope from 1-4 weeks.

When contacting us

In your cover letter, please make sure to answer the following:

Why would you like to work at Discourse, and what would you be excited about improving in Discourse as a product and/or company?

Equal Opportunity Statement
  • Jeff Atwood, co-founder of Discourse: "We hire the best, just like everyone else"
  • We do paid audition projects instead of lengthy interviews
  • Our team spans 11 timezones and 5 continents.
  • No set hours. Need to take two weeks off? Wanna try the digital nomad lifestyle? Let’s figure it out!
  • We are participating in the excellent Outreachy program for the 3rd time this year (and the last two interns got hired).
  • 3 months paid maternity or paternity leave for parents.

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