Celebrating Global Asian & Pacific Islander Identities


Experience the vibrant tapestry of cultures at the Celebrating Global Asian & Pacific Islander Identities summit, where we gather to honor and celebrate the diverse heritage and rich contributions of Asian and Pacific Islander communities from around the world.

Join our upskilling workshops, learn about pressing issues in our fireside chats, or connect directly with hiring companies. Through this summit, we aspire to create a platform where voices are amplified, stories are shared, and connections are forged, paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable world where Global Asian & Pacific Islander identities are celebrated and respected.

We’ll wrap up the event with a free virtual job fair — a perfect opportunity to meet and connect with hiring companies and get your questions answered.

Previous speakers at this summit include Congresswoman Judy Chu, NBC/MSNBC News anchor Richard Lui, Tony Award winner Clint Ramos, author Jeff Yang, comedian Michael Yo, content creator Asia Jackson, and many more!

A summit dedicated to highlighting the stories of our AAPI community members & our Asian, Pacific Islanders & Southasian community all over the world.
Diversity Reboot 2024: Celebrating Global Asian & Pacific Islander Identities
Experience the vibrant tapestry of cultures at the Celebrating Global Asian & Pacific Islander Identities summit, where we gather to honor and celebrate the diverse heritage and rich contributions of Asian and Pacific Islander communities from around the world.

4 Days
70+ Speakers
10,000+ Participants
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                About PowerToFly

                PowerToFly is the bridge between all points of the DEIB ecosystem, connecting talent, community groups, and companies together on one platform.

                With nearly 800,000 active community members across 204 countries, you can meet hiring managers, recruiters, and peers from anywhere. Plus, with our virtual events and exclusive career content, you can hone your skills and network all in one place.

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                Pride is a time for celebration, but in the face of unprecedented anti-LGBTQIA+ bills, it’s also a time to build resilience for the future and reflect on decades of advocacy. We gather together to help overcome the systemic inequality that has impacted and still impacts the LGBTQIA+ community — and not just in the world, but also in the workplace.

                Our Pride summit, one of our biggest events of the year, will bring together individuals, leaders, and organizations to discuss concrete actions they are taking to increase representation in various industries, showcase members of our community who are making an impact, and highlight those companies actively hiring and investing in LGBTQIA+ talent.

                The summit will conclude an LGBTQIA+ virtual job fair featuring companies who keep their Pride flags flying all year long, not just in the month of June.

                Past Pride speakers have included Indeed’s LaFawn Davis, actress & entrepreneur Angelica Ross, Rep. Mark Takano, filmmaker Dan O’Neill, GLITS founder Ceyenne Doroshow, founder Andrea Barrica, National Black Justice Coalition Executive Director David J. Johns, activist & business leader Henry R. Muñoz III, and many more.

                Whether you’re starting out, changing fields, returning from a break, or advancing your career, gain insights from leaders and connect with hiring companies.

                Talented and highly skilled working-age disabled and neurodiverse adults participate in the workforce significantly less than those without disabilities — and experience unemployment rates much higher than their able-bodied and neurotypical peers.

                Various factors influence these stark realities, such as discrimination and unconscious bias, barriers in recruitment processes, or workplaces that are designed for able-bodied, neurotypical workers.

                At this summit, PowerToFly wants to flip the status quo on its head by destigmatizing disabilities and neurodivergence in the workplace, both visible and invisible. Join disability inclusion experts and neurodiversity advocates as they address:

                • Understanding neurodiversity
                • The benefits and drawbacks that hybrid and remote work can have on a person with a disability
                • Respectful and inclusive language
                • The historical context of disability in the public sphere
                • Accessible technology
                • And much more!

                The summit will conclude with a virtual job fair featuring companies that are committed to neurodiversity and disability inclusion. Representatives will answer candidates’ questions about how they are creating and maintaining inclusive spaces.

                According to Tech.co, since Generative AI was released in late 2022, it’s been picked up by almost half of U.S. companies, and 93% of these firms are looking to expand its use. But we are only starting to see the impact of tools such ChatGPT, Bard and AI in general on the future of work — and the future of DEIB.

                Join us at Emerging Tech: Advancing DEIB in the Digital Age, as we explore AI and other new tools and their transformative effect. This groundbreaking gathering brings together industry leaders, technologists, and advocates to delve into the opportunities and challenges that will or already have emerged in our fast-changing business landscape and the world at large. Through thought-provoking discussions, interactive sessions, and real-world case studies, attendees will gain insights into the latest tools on the market.

                At Emerging Tech, we will delve into the potential benefits of AI to not only enhance operational efficiency and drive business growth but also to address biases, promote fairness, and ensure equitable outcomes. We’ll also address the inherent challenges and biases that may be ingrained in this emerging technology.

                We’ll wrap up the summit with a free virtual job fair where you’ll be able to hear directly from hiring companies about their own emerging technologies, plus meet directly with talent leaders and hiring managers to learn more about open roles.

                At PowerToFly, we know that Latinidad encompasses a range of diverse experiences and identities — and that Latin American heritage and culture influence both language and identity in the workplace.

                Join us as we gather with Latino/a & Hispanic leaders and changemakers to discuss topics such as bilingualism, the need for greater representation in the C-suite, how to mentor and sponsor Latino/a and Latin American talent, and more. You won't want to miss this free opportunity to connect with your peers, network with top companies, and learn from leaders who've been in your shoes!

                Also check out the virtual job fair on the last day of the summit, where companies will chat with candidates and answer questions about their Latino/a representation and corporate culture.

                Previous speakers at our Latinidad summit include: Licy Do Canto, managing director, Washington D.C., APCO Worldwide; Congressman Ritchie Torres; Patricia Mota, CEO of the Hispanic Alliance for Career Advancement; former NASA Chief Engineer and Associate VP, University of Houston-Clear Lake, Evelyn Miralles; Juan Labourt, business program manager at Google UK, and many more!