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Behind-the-Scenes with TpT’s Easel Team: Collaboration and Iteration in Digital Learning

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Behind-the-Scenes with TpT’s Easel Team: Collaboration and Iteration in Digital Learning
1 hours 30 minutes
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📚 The Easel Team at Teachers Pay Teachers is creating the next generation of device-enabled learning experiences for millions of teachers and students. Now, you’re invited to watch our event with a few of the tech leaders behind these mission-driven tools.

🖥️ You'll:

  • Discover the technology behind Easel (sneak a peak)
  • Gain tips for product collaboration
  • Learn how technology is impacting education
  • Hear about TpT's collaborative culture
  • 12:00 PM ET - PowerToFly Kickoff
  • 12:05 PM ET - Welcome & Keynote Address from Will Cullen, Supply Generation Lead
  • 12:15 PM ET - Product Demo by Tom Knight, Director of Product
  • 12:25 PM ET - Panel Discussion and Q&A featuring
  • 1:25 PM ET - Closing Remarks from PowerToFly
  • 1:30 PM ET - Event Concludes

About Teachers Pay Teachers: We believe teachers have one of the most vital jobs in the world, and we’re here to support them. What began as a word-of-mouth marketplace where teachers could buy and sell educational resources is now a teacher-powered digital learning platform. Our community of 7M+ educators relies on us for engaging, accessible, classroom-ready materials—and we rely on our team members to continue developing solutions that improve the lives of teachers, students, and, ultimately, the state of education itself.

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Meet The Speakers

Jenny Cahalane (She/Her)
Jenny Cahalane (She/Her)
Senior Software Engineer

Jenny joined TpT over one year ago as a Senior Software Engineer and works on the Easel team as a Tech Lead. She’s been an integral part of the Easel Content Creation pod, helping to build out key features such as premium fonts and colors, as well as improvements to seller experience when listing Easel content on TpT's marketplace. Prior to TpT, Jenny was a Senior Software Developer at Top Hat.

Jillian Silver (She/Her)
Jillian Silver (She/Her)
Engineering Manager

Jillian joined TpT three years ago, and has been on the Easel team for one. She manages the team of engineers on the Easel Activation pod, which builds the core architecture of the Easel product. Jillian also runs TpT's Engineering Onboarding Working Group, and is passionate about developing best practices for technical documentation. Prior to TpT, Jillian was a Software Engineer at Articulate.

Thomas Knight (He/Him)
Thomas Knight (He/Him)
Director of Product

Tom has been at TpT for two years and is the Director of Product for Easel by TpT. While on the Easel team, Tom has helped grow Easel from launch in 2020 to a product that has supported millions of students. Prior to TpT, Tom worked on Amazon's product team for seven years.

Linda Joy (She/Her)
Linda Joy (She/Her)
Lead Product Design Manager

Linda joined TpT over four years ago as a Product Designer, and as Easel has grown, she’s stepped into the role of Product Design Manager for the team. Linda has been instrumental in leading the design of the Easel product from its start in 2019. Prior to TpT, Linda was a Product Designer at Pivotal Labs and Quartet Health.

Melissa Fredericks (She/Her)
Melissa Fredericks (She/Her)
Senior UX Researcher

Melissa joined TpT just under five years ago as a Community Specialist, and has since grown into Senior UX Researcher. On the Easel team, Melissa has collected research on users first time user experience, current usage of digital learning tools, and helped to build out many of the key features for Easel Grading. Prior to TpT, Melissa was a UX Content Designer at Woobo Inc and kindergarten teacher.

Will Cullen
Will Cullen
Supply Generation Lead

Will is skilled in project management and community organizing. He is a strong communicator and relationship builder with a Master of Arts focused in Education Policy from Teachers College of Columbia University. Will joined the TpT team four years ago.