Release the old to embrace the new. To get to where we want to go and to become who we want to be, we must know where we are and who we are today. Join us for the Breakdowns & Breakthroughs: Taking Inventory of This Year for a Flourishing Next Chapter workshop to -

  • Reflect on the wins and losses of 2020
  • Capture the lessons learned
  • Set exciting goals for a prosperous 2021

Meet The Speaker

Natalie Guillen
Natalie Guillen

Natalie Guillen is an executive coach with 15 years of impactful global business experience. As a fierce, forward-thinking Latina female, Natalie has a record of creating success in male-dominated companies and industries. Natalie is particularly passionate about supporting women and underrepresented minorities in business and is dedicated to supporting them to find more fulfillment in their careers by leading with courage, confidence, and authenticity.


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