From hiring to retention, we're here to help you grow

From hiring to retention, we're here to help you grow

Our services offer the support you need to reach your diversity hiring and retention goals

Host a dedicated event

Host a dedicated event

Partner with PowerToFly to host a dynamic event, available virtually or in-person, and make a memorable impact on the candidates you aim to attract and hire. By aligning with your specific sourcing criteria and leveraging our proven methods for engaging diverse talent, we ensure that the right candidates are present.

Our events are designed to:

  • Transform passive talent into active, engaged candidate leads.
  • Reduce time to hire by providing an educational and interactive experience.
  • Boost candidates' likelihood to apply to your company by over 55%.
  • Showcase your team's diversity and demonstrate your commitment to creating an inclusive workplace.
Summit sponsorship

Summit sponsorship

Elevate your company's dedication to fostering an inclusive workforce by sponsoring a summit with us. This opportunity allows you to reach focused, underrepresented groups at scale and amplify the voices of your organization's leaders.

Benefits of summit sponsorship include:

  • Broaden your brand exposure across diverse talent pools in tech, sales, and other industries.
  • Drive traffic directly to your company's page.
  • Expand your candidate pipeline with highly qualified individuals.
  • Gain access to thousands of active job seekers at our accompanying Virtual Job Fair.
Talent acquisition services

Talent acquisition services

Our suite of Talent Acquisition Services offers a tailored approach for every recruitment need. Whether enhancing your sourcing strategies, requiring immediate on-demand recruitment support, seeking executive leadership, or engaging with candidates through virtual events, we provide innovative solutions and dedicated support to connect you with exceptional candidates. Our services are designed to make your recruitment efforts both effective and inclusive, ensuring you can build a diverse and dynamic team that drives your organization forward.



Advance your DEIB initiatives with our comprehensive consulting services. We work alongside your existing efforts to identify challenges and develop data-driven solutions within a strategic three-year plan.

Our approach includes:

  • Strategic development: Craft and integrate effective strategies tailored to your DEIB goals.
  • In-depth audits: Evaluate your current practices through detailed audits and engage with employees across various levels to gain insightful feedback.
  • Long-term planning: Establish a data-driven, long-term strategy to effectively address and bridge any existing gaps in your initiatives.
Together, we'll ensure your DEIB efforts are both impactful and sustainable, fostering an inclusive environment throughout your organization.
DEIB training programs

DEIB training programs

Empower your team with our DEIB training sessions designed to deepen understanding and foster connections among employees of diverse identities and backgrounds. Our interactive, classroom-style workshops are led by DEIB experts and are tailored to enhance knowledge and awareness on crucial DEIB themes.

Topics include:

  • Mitigating bias: Learn strategies to recognize and reduce bias in the workplace.
  • Active allyship: Gain tools to support and advocate for colleagues effectively.
  • Building a culture of belonging: Create an environment where everyone feels valued and included.
  • Inclusive leadership: Develop leadership skills that promote diversity and inclusion at all levels.
  • Inclusive hiring: Implement hiring practices that ensure fairness and diversity in recruitment.

Each session is structured to not only educate but also to build the confidence necessary to support a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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