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CallRail is Hiring: Meet Their Tech Leaders & Recruiters

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CallRail is Hiring: Meet Their Tech Leaders & Recruiters
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Is your dream job with CallRail? Let’s find out.

Tune in to meet a few of CallRail’s tech leaders and recruiters during this virtual networking event.

You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at CallRail’s tech sector—the masterminds behind a call software for businesses and marketing agencies, including phone call tracking, recording, and analytics.

The company puts its people above all else, meaning work-life balance, first-class perks, and awesome teammates could be in your near future.

Not job searching? Don’t worry. Listen in for tech trends, industry insight, and career advice.

This event took place online Tuesday, May 25th from 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM ET.


  • 12:00 PM PT - PowerToFly Kickoff
  • 12:05 PM PT - Welcome & Keynote Address from Jon Cyprian, Talent Acquisition Manager
  • 12:15 PM PT - Panel Discussion Featuring:
    • Beth Laing, Director of Engineering
    • Kay Eppes, QA Engineer
    • Vicky Zhu, Software Engineer II
    • Laura Lawrie, Senior Product Manager
    • Madelyn Wing, Head of Partnerships
    • Jon Cyprian, Talent Acquisition Manager
  • 12:55 PM PT - Closing Remarks from PowerToFly
  • 1:00 PM PT - Breakout Sessions
  • 1:30 PM PT - Event Concludes

About CallRail: Often overlooked by other marketing tools or analytics platforms, CallRail see the opportunities in surfacing and connecting data from calls, forms, chat and beyond—helping their customers achieve better outcomes. CallRail’s leads-focused analytics platform brings clarity to their customer’s digital marketing efforts. They work within their existing workflow, help them improve their spends quickly, and provide tools that are beautiful, intuitive and helpful.

Check out their job opportunities.

About PowerToFly: PowerToFly is a women-run startup that works with companies to identify skilled professionals they’d like to network with. Over the past few years, we’ve produced 1,000+ events across the world with brands like Facebook, Microsoft, Deloitte, and Slack, resulting in countless hires.

About PowerToFly’s Events: All RSVP’d attendees are welcome, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, or age. If you require assistance to fully participate in this event, please email, and we will contact you to discuss your specific needs.

Meet The Speakers

Beth Laing
Beth Laing
Director of Engineering

Beth Laing is the Director of Engineering at CallRail. She first joined the company in 2019 as an Engineering Manager and started in her current role just this past April. Beth is also an Organizer at REFACTR.TECH, a safe space for thoughtful and nuanced conversations around diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality in tech. Prior to CallRail, Beth was a Software Developer at CNN.

Kay Eppes
Kay Eppes
QA Engineer

Kay Eppes is a QA Engineer at CallRail. She joined the company over three years ago, growing from a Customer Support Specialist into a Software Implementation Specialist, Customer Support Team Lead, Support Engineer, and now her current role. Prior, Kaye was a Call Center Consultant with Manhattan Associates. She graduated with her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science in 2020.

Vicky Zhu
Vicky Zhu
Software Engineer II

Vicky Zhu is a Software Engineer II at CallRail. She joined the company nearly three years ago as a Software Apprentice and grew into her current role. Prior, Vicky was an Account Relationship Coordinator with Marvin F. Poer and Company where she assisted with
the implementation and execution of sales plans.

Laura Lawrie
Laura Lawrie
Senior Product Manager

Laura Lawrie is a Senior Product Manager at CallRail. She's been with the company for two years. Prior, Laura was the Director of Product Management with Colibrium, an HGS Company. She's worked across several industries, recently focusing on MarTech.

Jon Cyprian
Jon Cyprian
Talent Acquisition Manager

Jon Cyprian is a Talent Acquisition Manager at CallRail. He's been with the company's talent acquisition sector for over two years. Prior, Jon was an Executive Recruiter with The Intersect Group.

Madelyn Wing
Madelyn Wing

Madelyn Wing is the Head of Partnerships at CallRail. She's been with the company for 5+ years, growing from a Customer Success Manager into her current role. Madelyn's background includes work in many facets of customer and product marketing, partnerships, and program management—everything from go-to-market planning and messaging, to pricing and packaging, online community management, user group creation, and business development.