Founded in 2007, AdRoll is a performance marketing platform that uses data to inform advertising decisions for customers. Today, they're 15,000 customers strong in 100 countries all over the world.

Their experience building the world’s most widely used retargeting platform helped them focus in on the most important thing: data. And, with that in mind, they approach every online business believing that they have a treasure trove of data waiting to be discovered.

In the past couple of years they've received a ton of rewards, including Top 10 Best Places To Work 2015 and Best Places To Work 2015.

At PowerToFly, we particularly like this video of AdRoll's CFO training some junior CFOs (under age 4). Watch the video here.

Benefits include:

  1. Generous PTO
  2. Beer and Snacks in the Office
  3. Standing Desks
  4. Financial Advisors
  5. Healthcare