How it all started

In 2012, while still in graduate school, Sam and Chris installed a commercial solar system for a school in East Africa. The project was a resounding success, allowing the school to save on its electricity bills as well as have a reliable and carbon-free source of energy.

However, Sam and Chris experienced firsthand the inefficiency of the solar sales, design, and commissioning process. Although the system itelf took only a few weeks to install, research, financial calculations, and system design took several months.

Talking to other solar installers, they found that soft-costs were impeding the growth of the industry. Based on these experiences, they founded Aurora with the goal of enabling any solar professional to design and sell an optimal solar project in minutes.

To date, Aurora has been used to design over 5 million solar installations. And we’re just getting started!

We are a diverse team based in San Francisco, passionate about advancing the growth of solar energy.

Join our mission to create a future of solar energy for all

At Aurora Solar, we are building the digital platform that powers the solar industry. Our platform helps solar companies streamline complex and costly manual processes, so they can focus on what matters – driving solar adoption at scale.

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We are a collaborative team of sustainable energy enthusiasts who love what we do. Join us on our mission to drop the costs of solar for everyone, everywhere. We are venture-backed and have won several engineering grants from the US Department of Energy and Stanford University. If you care about applying your talents towards building something that truly makes a difference, we would love to hear from you!


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Thusha Agampodi: Director of Engineering, Aurora Solar
Planning Your Next Step in Engineering Aurora Solar
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