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Avanade is the leading provider of innovative digital and cloud services, business solutions and design-led experiences delivered through the power of people and the Microsoft ecosystem.

Our professionals bring bold, fresh thinking combined with technology, business and industry expertise to help fuel transformation and growth for our clients and their customers. Avanade has 30,000 digitally connected people across 24 countries, bringing clients the best thinking through a collaborative culture that honors diversity and reflects the communities in which we operate.

Our Commitment To Diversity And Inclusion

At Avanade, we’re committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. We value every one of our people, because we know that diverse ideas, perspectives and experiences make us a better company. More innovative. Productive. Smarter. Faster.

And as the world and our communities continue to evolve, we will remain focused on bringing together diverse and talented individuals to collaborate and create better solutions for our clients and their customers.

“I'm passionate about inclusion and diversity, and personally I don’t believe there is innovation without diversity. With diversity, we challenge our thinking, we have alternative thoughts and mindsets. Also, with a more diverse team around the table, we get a better product – faster.” Pam Maynard, CEO at Avanade.

Employee Resource Groups

With us, you’ll have access to a variety of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to keep you connected and supported throughout your career at Avanade. These groups capitalize on the energy, passion, and experience of our employees to foster inclusion and create a more aware organization.

Our current teams include LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning, and Allies), Veterans and Women. Each group supports their own members, as well as the broader company through a variety of initiatives, including; events, networking opportunities, resources, guidance, information, and encouragement.

  • Women’s Employee Resource Group – Empowering women across all levels of the organization through mentorship, leadership training and celebrations of women in technology.
  • Veteran’s Employee Resource Group – Welcoming veterans into their civilian careers; providing them with support and development opportunities.
  • Prism Employee Resource Group (LGBT + equality) – Partnering with LGBTQ and allies to foster and support inclusion globally.
Women at Avanade

Women have traditionally been under-represented in the world of IT. That situation is changing, and our goal at Avanade is to make sure we are a leader in this change. Avanade is proud be among leading organizations who are taking a stand for gender equity, both in and outside the workplace.

At a corporate and local level, we strive each day to reaffirm our commitment to developing the careers of women in technology. That includes sponsoring events like Grace Hopper, the largest gathering of women technologists in the world, or celebrating International Women’s Day with more than 70 events globally. In addition, we are committed to increasing the number of women in leadership roles. The Avanade Leadership Program for Women (ALPW) is one of our key initiatives which champions women, invests in female talent, and helps to realize their potential during crucial points in their career.

We have also teamed with like-minded corporate partners who are as passionate as we are about strengthening the role of women in the workplace, including Women in Technology International, Anita Borg Institute and Catalyst.

Benefits At Avanade

You work hard, so we work hard. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive benefit programs to support your continued growth and success. We offer competitive salaries and customized benefits to suit you and your stage of life.

The benefits we offer vary by location, but most include:

  1. Location-specific health, dental and vision insurance
  2. Maternity and paternity leave
  3. Generous vacation allowance
  4. Disability coverage
  5. Life insurance
  6. Retirement plans
  7. Hotel and travel discounts
  8. Paid volunteer time off
  9. Extended benefits to cover items that support your wellbeing
  10. Professional development and certification opportunities
Build A Career You Love

No one can do it alone. That’s why at Avanade we create an environment that provides women the support and resources to thrive both personally and professionally.

Whether this is the first or next step in your career, Avanade provides the mentoring, training and support network to help you get where you want to go.