Our company

“What would you like the power to do?”

At Bank of America, we ask this question every day of all those we serve. It is at the core of how we live our values, deliver our purpose and achieve responsible growth. By asking this question, we continue to learn what matters most to our clients, our employees and our shareholders. It helps us start a conversation centered on our commitment to use our capabilities to help those we serve be successful. Because we recognize that we can only be successful when the individuals, companies, communities and employees we serve are able to reach their vision of success.

Diversity and inclusion

At Bank of America, we strive to be a bank for everyone. Like the people we serve, we come from every walk of life. We are proud of our inclusive culture, because when you create a workplace where all employees can thrive, everyone benefits.

We firmly believe all employees should be treated with respect, live free of discrimination and be able to bring their whole selves to work. This is core to who we are as a company and how we drive responsible growth.

Promoting an inclusive workplace

To help drive a culture of inclusion, we have developed and provide employees access to a range of programs and resources focused on building understanding and driving progress in the workplace. This year, we have built on the work we have had underway for years and have broadened how we engage our teammates on the topics of race and inclusion.

Expanding our perspectives is a critical aspect of how we drive a culture of inclusion, and open dialogue can help our employees gain a greater understanding and appreciation for one another. Now more than ever, we need to be comfortable with uncomfortable conversations and deepen our understanding through self-education of people’s differences.