We're looking for women in tech who can lead teams, contribute independently and work with other teams including Product, Design, and Infrastructure to deliver our products—this type of collaboration is key to our success. BuzzFeed’s tech team runs a lean, iterative development process where we deploy early and often. In tech at BuzzFeed, you’ll be part of small team with huge impact!

BuzzFeed tech teams take pride in designing elegant, simple solutions to challenging problems, creating quality software and promoting best practices for writing maintainable, well -tested code. We need to build for scale and support millions of users globally. BuzzFeed has grown massively in the past few years both within our editorial teams and products, with groundbreaking news investigations and new brands such as Tasty.

You would be joining a fast paced company packed full of highly engaged people with the thirst to do great things through dedication to data and giving a voice to marginalised groups. As a leader, you would be best placed to help grow our teams and seed a healthy culture to make BuzzFeed a happy and productive place to work. Data measurement and insight is embedded in everything we do and with our continued investment in data infrastructure the possibilities to improve our site and journalism tools is endless - we’d love you to join us on this journey