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CB Insights has built a tech market intelligence platform that analyzes millions of data points on venture capital, startups, patents, partnerships and news media to predict technology trends.

We believe that technology and probability are better than talking heads and punditry when it comes to helping our clients predict their next market, their next acquisition, their next investment, their next customer or their competitor's next move.

With backing from the National Science Foundation and venture capital investors, we mine terabytes of data and knowledge contained in patents, venture capital financings, M&A transactions, hiring, startup and investor websites, news sentiment, social media chatter, and more.


We're growing 100% per year without lighting money on fire.

If you're happy, helpful, humble and hungry, we'd love to chat. Here are a few more data points to help nudge you over.

WHY WORK HERE? It's quite simple - the People, the Product and the Personality.

PEOPLE: In short, we have a team that can go head to head with any other tech company in the world. From engineering to biz dev to marketing to research, our team is one where the brains are big and the egos are small. We value people who have the 4 H's - they are helpful, humble, hungry and happy.

PRODUCT: We have an industry standard product loved by customers. And we're working to extend our lead which means we're working on some very challenging technology, data and predictive analytics problems. Could software have predicted the rise of autonomous vehicles in 2006 or the importance of blockchain in 2009? We think so and that is what we're building. We're figuring out the next big thing in technology in a way that's never been done before. And we have millions in revenue and hundreds of the world's smartest corporations as clients to demonstrate what we're doing is working.

PERSONALITY: We've taken data and analytics to predict technology trends and we've made it conversational and interesting while still being thoughtful, smart and one step ahead. We're the only B2B brand that regularly tells its customers that we love them and which the media has cited over 1500 times in just the last 12 months. We also have a ton of customers who've publicly declared their love for us.

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