Delphix is the industry leader for DevOps test data management. Businesses need to transform application delivery but struggle to balance speed with data security and compliance. Our DevOps Data Platform automates data security, while rapidly deploying test data to accelerate application releases. With Delphix, customers modernize applications, adopt multi-cloud, achieve CI/CD, and recover from downtime events such as ransomware up to 2x faster.

Leading companies, including Choice Hotels, Banco Carrefour, and Fannie Mae, use Delphix to accelerate digital transformation and enable zero trust data management.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We want Delphix to be a place where everyone feels safe and supported in sharing their authentic selves. Where everyone feels they have an equal and fair chance to grow and advance their career. Where they are confident they can express their opinion and trust that their contributions are valued and recognized. We want diversity and inclusion for everyone, and we are particularly mindful of and focused on the challenges of underrepresented and disadvantaged groups that face systemic impediments to their success.

Delphix ERG's:
  1. Prism (LGBTQ+)
  2. Mosaic (racial minorities)
  3. Women at Delphix
  4. Welphix (Wellbeing)

  1. Act as a sounding board, or 'thought leaders', around strategic diversity objectives set by the Diversity Advisory Council to help create a more inclusive environment
  2. Be a collective voice around shared interests or concerns that help to promote a more inclusive and respectful workplace by surfacing issues for specific communities within Delphix to the Diversity Advisory Council and providing the Council with advice, guidance, and recommendations.
  3. Serve as educators to cultivate understanding amongst employees of different backgrounds and experiences.
    - Develop a more engaged office culture
  4. Promote diversity through initiatives that focus on education, awareness, professional and personal development and cross-cultural interactions
  5. Assist in outreach and recruitment efforts
  6. Play a vital role in retention and professional development efforts. Boost employee morale and develop a strong workplace by, among other things:
    - Offering employees a sense of community and belonging
    - Helping to introduce new and current employees to the organizational culture
    - Providing employees with assistance in their career advancement efforts, such as opportunities for showcasing their skills to others within the organization
    - Foster a means for individuals with similar backgrounds to network around similar challenges and opportunities
    - Providing mentoring and networking opportunities and connecting employees with mentors/role models; and
    - Providing access, that might otherwise not exist, to senior leadership
  7. Make a difference in the community
    - Support diverse nonprofit organizations as part of our corporate citizenship initiative

Delphix Culture Code - The 4 C's

Curiosity is the root of learning. We believe in a safe environment for curiosity and thoughtful risk-taking. Curiosity gives rise to creativity, material innovation, and true customer understanding and partnership.


In an increasingly complex world, clarity provides prioritization and focus. Timely clarity ensures alignment, maximizes value, and accelerates customer impact and outcomes.

Continuous Excellence

We deliver results. It takes great people, execution, and continuous improvement to succeed at scale. We are not satisfied or complacent. Better is just better.


We are a high-performance team that supports and cares for each other. We care about diversity, inclusion, and equity. We care about the success of our customers and enabling a better world.


1. Healthcare & Parental Leave - Medical, dental, vision and life & disability insurance options and parental leave.

2. Flexible Spending - We offer FSA and HSA flexible spending programs.

3. Professional Growth - Opportunity to enroll in various professional development courses.

4. Remote Working Stipend

5. Remote First Culture

6. Time Off - Employee friendly discretionary time off policy (US-based).