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At Dow Jones, our dedication to enabling career growth provides employees with opportunities to gain new skills and perspectives by working cross-functionally with peers across the globe. We recognize the value in empowering our teams with continued training and tools to take on leadership roles throughout the organization.

We also understand the need for flexible work with our Returnship program. A Returnship is an opportunity for professionals who have not been in the workforce for at least two years due to child-care, family care, and other life events, to transition back into a professional setting. Finding a job after taking time off can be very difficult. The Dow Jones Returnship program gives returning professionals an opportunity for a fresh start. Participants of the Returnship would go through the 12-week paid program to gain new experience to help bridge the gap in their professional background. This type of program has several similarities to internships as we know them today, with the major differences being the candidate’s age, experience, pay-expectations, and sourcing methods.

Benefits Include:

  1. On-site day care
  2. On-site diversity events
  3. Blue Bottle coffee offerings
  4. Volunteer opportunities
  5. 401k
  6. Health insurance
  7. On-site gym