Good Money is the world's first banking platform that will be owned by its customers and will invest 50% of profits to actively protect the environment and fight for social justice.

We provide best-in-class mobile banking and empower citizens to be part of a more equitable and transparent world. As a small team of 50, we're disrupting the extractive banking industry and together creating a more equitable and regenerative capitalism. The future of money is Good!

Why We're Distributed

Being a distributed team is a moral and social justice (and practical!) intentional decision for us. By empowering our team members to live and work where they choose, we are creating an environment that addresses critical issues of:

  • Socio-economic Inclusion. Spreading the hiring net more widely is a moral issue. Hiring only in the wealthiest cities continues the deep-rooted divide between privileged and under-privileged.
  • Disability Inclusion. Remote work is fundamental to making work accessible. It removes the barrier to entry for individuals who live with and through various physical and mental obstacles.
  • Stronger Ideas. More diverse perspectives always lead to better and stronger ideas. Bring in more cultural perspectives to the team. Work hard to limit any blind spots.
  • Hiring Talent. Excellent talent lives everywhere, and by being distributed, we leverage our ability to build a world-class team.
  • Healthier Teams. Rather than requiring a 2-3 hours commute each day, we're happy that our team members get that time back in their day to spend with their families, exercise, cook good food, or spend time with community. This brings balance we all need.
  • Living Our Values. By being a dispersed team, we are truly living our values and mission to create access to financial freedom to those historically left behind.
  • Outcome-Focused. We evaluate team members’ productivity, not time at the desk. If there is an issue with performance, don't complain about hours; always pause and ask whether it is actually an issue with productivity or outcomes.
What We're Looking For

As an early hire, the more hats you can wear the easier it is for us to hire you. Especially if you're the self-directed go-getter type that makes smart decisions on your own and doesn't need a ton of guidance.

  • Cultural Contributor. You don't follow the status quo. You're unique in your background and it makes you, YOU -- cultural, ethnic, gender, experience, socio-economic, etc -- we look for diversity in this.
  • Movement Builder. You are ready to cancel the endless cycles of extractive capitalism and help us build a movement that unlocks regenerative capitalism.
  • Relentless Problem Solver. You’re known for being industrious. You have unfound limitless energy to creatively and independently find solutions to big and important challenges.
  • Modern Office Collaborator. You thrive working remotely and can effectively motivate and solve hard challenges on your own. You also have a strong ability to earn trust quickly and build strong relationships amongst team members.
  • Adaptable and Optimistic. You’ve worked in a fast-paced environment and can navigate ambiguity. You don’t let hiccups upset you. You know things can change quickly and are always looking on the bright side.
Our Hiring Philosophy & Process

We know job searching is hard, time-consuming, and stressful. We aim to let you know everything we can, when we can. We want to make sure you have all the time you need to learn more about us. We also want to have the time we need to learn more about you. We promise that every application is reviewed by human eyes - and that takes time. If you're curious we'd love to know about your interest in Good Money being the right place for you in your next chapter.

Some Total Rewards We Offer
  1. A freedom and responsibility culture; space to be you and live your life
  2. Distributed-first culture with help to build out your home office
  3. Premium health/dental/vision coverage nationwide
  4. Open and encouraged PTO
  5. Generous parental leave to soak up that baby bonding time
  6. All the equipment you need to get things done
  7. Company-wide gatherings in beautiful new places