We know that the only path to meaningful climate change impact is building a team that is unusually capable and passionate. Our approach to hiring is simple: We hire extremely bright people that are “all in” on our mission to reduce greenhouse gases and empower them to do incredible things every day. At Kairos, we are passionately committed to fostering talent density and building a “freedom and responsibility” culture.


Kairos Aerospace uses science, engineering and the creativity of our incredible team to combat climate change. Our goal is to leave a livable planet to future generations, and we are focused on the “lowest hanging fruit” in the entire climate fight – reducing methane emissions.

Methane is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide, and more than two thirds of it is easily (and profitably) mitigated, which is why we’re intensely focused on addressing this problem first. Many climate problems are very hard to solve or require a great deal of sacrifice. But mitigating the biggest leaks of methane doesn’t involve those challenges. The answers are simple and profitable for the oil and gas firms that produce the energy upon which we all rely. By preventing this methane from entering the atmosphere, we have a quantifiable, meaningful impact on the climate crisis while helping our industry partners deliver vital energy as cleanly as possible.

We do this by engaging exceptionally talented people who are passionate about solving the world’s toughest problems and then offering them the agency and support they need to cause meaningful change. Much of what we do leverages hardware, software, and a symphony of operations to offer actionable data that materially impacts global warming.


Our goal has always been to build a team of unusually high performers that seek not to be the brightest person in the room, but instead surrounded by incredibly talented coworkers that inspire them every day.

We recognize that the most talented employees in the world have many choices around where to work. They usually have many former employees and coworkers that are recruiting them to join their companies. But here are some of the key reasons why our uniquely talented team told us they chose to work at Kairos:

  • The ability to solve complex, novel problems with meaningful impact.
    At Kairos, we aren’t creating the next big thing in social media or writing algorithms designed to maximize profits for a hedge fund. Instead, we use cutting-edge science to spot methane leaks in the world’s oil and gas infrastructure and develop the most effective and profitable way for our clients to eliminate them. Why? Because when our clients win (in reducing methane emissions), the planet wins. During the day, working at Kairos engages your head and your heart. At night, you go home knowing that you spent your day working on arguably the most important challenge facing us today.
  • At Kairos, we recognize that culture is a living thing. Here, culture is designed and experienced by a community of “Kairosapiens”, not dictated by fiat. We expect you to contribute to shaping who we are as a company and to keep us true to our values. We have no first and second-class citizens. Every role is essential at Kairos. And everyone is expected to help define and protect our culture.
  • There is an undercurrent of positivity. People love their jobs here, and it’s infectious.
  • We invest in relationships. Being remote-first, our team is widely dispersed. That’s why it is literally a part of everyone’s job to spend time each week connecting with coworkers on a personal level.
  • Diversity and inclusion drive our entire recruiting process, and it’s the lens through which we consider all of our people initiatives. We are constantly auditing things like compensation and opportunities to make sure that underrepresented people are fairly compensated and are active participants in defining our culture and systems. Diversity isn’t pursued because it is politically correct. We see diversity as a competitive advantage and understand how diverse perspectives result in more creative and better challenged solutions that are more likely to inspire positive change.

We foster a diverse and inclusive workplace because it helps us make better decisions, create superior and impactful products, and it’s the right thing to do. This isn’t “lip service” to diversity – – we understand the power of leveraging a multitude of experiences and perspectives to solve hard problems. As a community, we are enriched by working in concert to guide and sustain us on the long and important journey before us.