Why Women Love Working at Mindbody

Mindbody is a health, wellness and fitness company that helps promote healthier and happier lives. Many women already have a strong connection to Mindbody as a result of their use of the app in their daily lives. Working for a wellness company like Mindbody is more than just having a job; it is a way for women to relate to something they are passionate about and can now incorporate into their careers.

Team members of Mindbody are quickly introduced to way in which the company is focused on taking care of their employees. There are numerous affinity groups that team members are encouraged to join, like Women in Technology, whose mission is to attract, advance, and retain women in the Mindbody organization. There are also wellness benefits and many engagement programs to bring team members closer to Mindbody’s culture of healthier and happier lifestyles both inside and outside of their professional lives. One of those being the Mentorship Program, which aims to empower Mindbody'ians to expand their careers by building relationships and networking with women at all career levels.

Mindbody has offices globally in the United Kingdom, United States, India and Australia.

Mindbody's mission is focused around 8 Core Values, and supports the company's priority of increasing diversity & inclusivity.

Bias for action

Consciously evolve

Impact over effort

Be so good they can’t ignore you

Debate, decide, commit

Inclusion is a competitive advantage

No pain, no gain

Work hard, live well

Mindbody encourages employees to join one of their ERG or Affinity Groups, which include:

  • MB Access
  • MB Pride
  • MB aph (Asian pacific heritage)
  • MB Sustain
  • MB Black alliance
  • MB Latinx
  • MB Women collective
  • MB Parents
  • MB Veterans


Benefit packages at Mindbody vary by location. These are some of those benefits, for more details, contact us.

  • Competitive medical and dental benefits package
  • Global mental health resources with Spring Health
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Global Wellness Days for the entire team to rest and recharge, plus a full Wellness Week at the end of the year
  • The ability to take time off as you need it, when you need it with Flexible Time Off
  • Monthly Benepass stipend to spend on Wellness including fitness classes, spa treatments, and more
  • Employee discounted ClassPass classes
  • Calm subscription for you and your dependents
  • Numerous hub-office location events including free weekly lunch
  • Wellness-at-Work policy so you can more easily take time out of your workday for wellness
  • Opportunities to grow your personal and professional skillset including the quarterly Mentorship program and leadership and development training tracks offered through Saba
  • Bonusly and Core Value Awards team member recognition programs
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